How To Help Protect Your Business Network

how to protect business network security vpn

The threats that companies are facing today, through their business network, are more dangerous than ever. If you don’t handle security the right way, you may walk into the office, one morning, facing ransomware, when you open the computers. There isn’t much you will be able to do then, as you either pay and get back the control of your network and the information inside, or lose everything you had on file. 

Here is how to protect your business network, from outside threats. 

Choose And Install A Fast VPN 

Before anyone of your employees goes online, using a computer on your business network, you need to install a VPN, that will protect the whole system. Today, there are fast VPNs that provide a service without any connection latency, which raises the level of service to a higher level. These VPNs will encrypt all information and communication between computers and servers, protecting you from any cybercriminal, looking to enter into your network. 

Create An External Back-Up And Update It Every Day 

Just as you would do for your personal computer, you need to get an external memory where you will back-up all the information inside the system, on a daily basis. Once everyone has gone home, attach the device to the servers and download an update of the whole system. If you have a large company, some systems are built to do it themselves. 

Just make sure they are not attached to the internet in any ways, so that no one can hack them. Otherwise, having this back-up won’t help you, when someone gets in and places ransomware. 

Update Your Anti-Virus And Anti-Malware Software Regularly 

This is something managers forget to do, too often. You need to create an alarm on your mobile phone to update them, every week. It doesn’t mean that there will be one available, but at least you will be fully protected at all time. 

Though it is true that some software update themselves regularly, doing it manually will ensure that you don’t wait one day too long, which could cause you a whole series of problems. 

Secure The Network Router 

The basic security features are often the most important ones. That is the case with your router security. It should be placed away from all employees, in a room that only a manager can access. Otherwise, anyone could modify it and create a weakness in the system, that would allow thieves to enter and get access to sensitive information.

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