8 Top Web Analytics Tools For Digital Marketing

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Analytics tools are an essential part of any digital marketing strategy. Aside from monitoring the progress of your current campaign, they also gather data useful for adjusting your online marketing strategy or improving your next campaign. 

Here are the top 8 web analytics tools to assist with your digital marketing efforts and website success. 

1. Google Analytics And Search Console

Probably the most popular free web analytics tool, Google Analytics offers comprehensive data on keyword performance, conversion rate, and other metrics. It also generates an easy-to-read report that covers whatever information you need, from site traffic statistics, traffic sources, and content engagement. Pair it with the no-cost Google Search Console and you have a comprehensive free source of value website statistics for webmasters and bloggers.

2. Clicky 

Unlike Google Analytics, Clicky offers real-time information, including monitoring what your visitors are doing on your site. The dashboard has a friendly user interface and they also have a mobile app for easy monitoring of your business website anytime. Clicky is only free to use for one website at a time, but the paid version lets you monitor different websites simultaneously. 

3. Crazy Egg 

Crazy Egg by Neil Patel Digital team creates a heat map of your web pages, showing you where visitors click most frequently. This helps you identify which site features and content users find most engaging. It is a great way to understand where your site is succeeding and failing to make the appropriate adjustments. This increasingly popular service starts at just $9 a month. 

4. Facebook Insights 

If you are using Facebook as a key part of your marketing strategy, then you should be taking advantage of their analytics tool. It gives you valuable information on your page performance, content engagement, and follower demographic. These are useful for improving your content marketing and advertising strategy. Over the last few years Facebook as also provided much more accurate analytics with more valid views and clicks data to avoid overpricing complaints for posts and ads.

5. Lucky Orange 

Lucky Orange offers real-time stats, including how many people are on your site and what they are doing. It can integrate with Twitter so you can monitor your mentions and reply to tweets easily. You can also personalize your dashboard, pinning only the widgets useful to your performance monitoring. 

6. Visual Website Optimizer 

If you are making site changes and wish to test user feedback, Visual Website Optimizer easily lets you do A/B testing and records user sessions so you can review their browsing experience. Through this, you can identify where users drop off the site and address the issues to increase the conversion rate. 

7. Spring Metrics 

Spring Metrics also offers real-time data on many digital marketing metrics, from conversion analytics to landing page performance. The price is $49 a month, but many marketers and business owners swear by its simple user interface and report formats, which are more beginner-friendly than Google Analytics. 

8. SEMRush 

SEMRush is a robust tool that monitors various metrics that can help you do competitor analysis, link building, keyword research, etc. You can also use it to monitor your social media engagement, ad performance, and other paid media efforts. Prices start at $99.95, but it comes with many features that users claim significantly improved their digital marketing results. SEMRush is a rapidly growing company with increased features and data available each month.

Find The Best Business Web Analytics Tools For Your Needs

Know that there is no such thing as the best tool, as digital marketing campaigns can have different goals, and some businesses may need to track specific metrics that could be useless to another business. 

Different web analytics tools have various capabilities, features, and prices, so select the SaaS solution that works best for your business purposes.

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