How OKRs Can Help Businesses Of All Kinds Boost Their Profits

how okrs help business increase profits objectives and key results company okrs

Using OKRs (objectives and key results) as your primary strategy to accumulate business success is a smart idea for any business. You may have heard that major companies like Google and Spotify have integrated this same process to achieve some of their biggest goals. Don't let this deter you from considering introducing OKRS into your own business. The truth is that this strategy can be applied to all different kinds of companies because it is incredibly customizable to the goals and agendas of individual businesses. These frameworks are reflective of the idea that the parts make the whole. In other words, when everyone inside a company is given objectives and various tasks to complete, they are fully invested and aware of their objectives and positions within the company. 

Knowing what to do and feeling a sense of inclusion improves employee satisfaction in the company's work output (the whole). Seeing that this strategy is a universal approach to success, here are all the ways that OKRs can boost the profits of any business. 

How OKRs Work 

The first thing to do is to write out your objectives and key results. When you plan to begin listing your objectives and key results, you should consider accumulating input from your entire team so that the business goals are well-rounded and considerate of all sectors. Once the objectives and key results are identified and agreed-upon, each team member will understand what they should be doing to contribute to the greater goal. The biggest reason that OKRs lead to such positive profits is that they give each member of a company a set of tasks to achieve. When everyone in the company knows what is expected of them, it is much easier to carry out objectives effectively. 

As a result of these efforts, results are achieved successfully, and critical results indicate such efforts' significance. The objective is the qualitative desire that the company is looking to accomplish. The objective should be straight to the point and easy to understand by everyone in the company. The key results should be quantitative, meaning that numerical values will determine the success of the company's work outcomes as a whole. 

The Importance Of Time And 

You will want to consider the period of time that's involved in order to achieve company wide goals successfully. A typical approach by teams is to establish a three-month plan that aligns with their quarterly calendars. If the actions taken to achieve goals require additional time, these time constraints should be factored into the goal's overall duration. For extra help organizing your business path to OKR success, check out and learn about the OKR software that will get your business on the right track from day one. 

Understanding Measurement Percentages 

The key results are numerical milestones that lead to harnessing the success of a goal. Many teams choose to break down key results into quantifiable objectives to measure with levels of varying certainty. For instance, one goal might be measured with 75% certainty, whereas another may be measured with 50% certainty and another goal at 15% certainty. All of these percentages can be tailored to the specifications and guidelines that direct your specific business goals and workflow. The reason to include different percentages of certainty in your key results is to acknowledge the difficulty or the potential vagueness and understanding over how successful the outcomes may be once the goal is reached. 

Allowing percentages to reflect the needed flexibility gives the company greater insight into how well the company is doing with specific goals. We recommend that your team keep a process table that allows members to oversee how well OKRs are being pursued as time goes on. You can divide this table into weeks that represent the duration of the goal period. 

The Parts Of A Whole Concept 

Profits are boosted by the consistent actions taken by staff to see a goal to its completion. Because all of the goals are broken down into individual tasks by sector, large goals are able to be accomplished in a shorter amount of time, benefiting the company as a whole. The part of a whole process is essentially the structure that allows for businesses of all kinds to benefit from using OKRs. Not all business strategies integrate the entire company, and with less elbow grease, goals are less likely to be pursued successfully. At the very least, even if goals are successful, they will take that much longer without as many people involved. 

Since OKRs are inclusive, they helped to create a sense of togetherness in the work culture related to the company. Increased employee satisfaction and work productivity follows from these changes benefiting the company and its work output collectively. 

The Cognitive Impact 

Another reason why the OKR strategy is such a successful way to harness business success and meet milestone goals is that it incorporates both sides of the brain. You have the qualitative approach coming from the objective, which engages the creative side of the brain, and you have the linear approach and quantitative measurement of the key results, which engages the logical side of the brain. 

With both sides working together, you have a greater chance of team members with either thinking niche actively engaged and working alongside others who make up for the areas where they lack proficiency. This balanced approach allows for skills to be utilized optimally, with everyone contributing. 

The Bottom Line On OKR

The truth is that any company can benefit from these strategies and apply them to particular goals to get companies improving drastically. For example, choosing to integrate quarterly revenue goals, increasing leads, sales growth, and customer satisfaction are common goals that businesses use from an OKR standpoint. Since these goals are so fundamental to any company's success, they can easily be tailored to any business, which will help then get that business off the ground faster than expected. 

We encourage all businesses to integrate OKRs; success is waiting for you!

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