Gambling Laws In Different European Countries

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When it comes to gambling in Europe, each country has a different law when it comes to playing online casino games and sports betting. While some countries allow all types of casino games others are more strict about what is and isn’t legal. Here we’ll take a look at some examples of different gambling laws in the EU, and why they matter for the gaming industry. 

The Best Online Casinos in Europe 

Some of the best online casinos in Europe can be found in countries that have legalized online gambling. For example, Poland has very restrictive gambling laws. So its residents who wish to play online casino games often visit shady websites that offer poor user experience. On the other hand, online gambling venues in the UK are among the best ones in the world. You can find some of the best casinos in Ireland simply because the UK has regulated all of the gambling activities. Once a country decides to legalize casino games and sports betting it actually takes control of these activities. Countries like the UK and Italy allow their players to have top-notch gambling experience, simply because different laws protect the rights of the players. 

Types Of Licenses In Casinos 

In order to provide their service in Europe, online casinos have to have many different licenses. This multi-license regime dates back to 2009, and by now, more than 20 countries within the EU borders have accepted this method of licensing. Even though there are countries that accept only one license, there are those that require a separate license for every gambling activity. For example, these multi-license countries will require one license for poker, another for slots, and so on. And this can be difficult, especially for operators who offer many different games. 

Customer Safety In The First Place 

All European countries that allow playing online casino games, pass different laws but they all revolve around the same thing. And that is the safety and protection of online players. That’s why it’s always better to have laws that control gambling rather than ban it. People living in Ireland, for example, can play carefree in any Irish real money casino, because they know that they are protected by the local gambling law. The same goes for the residents of Spain since the gambling activities in their country are under the supervision of the Spanish National Gambling Commission. 

Sanctions For Breaking The Law In The Gambling Industry 

Every European country is unique in its own way, as you have seen in this article. And the same goes for sanctions if someone broke the law in the gambling industry. While some countries can have high penalties, others will even ban further operations of that online casino by denying it a license. The following countries have some of the strictest laws in Europe when it comes to gambling: 

● Germany 
● Belgium 
● Switzerland 
● France 


Gambling laws in Europe vary from one country to the next. While some countries have flexible laws towards playing casino games others completely forbid all gambling activities. So, if you wish to play your favorite casino game in any European country, make sure to check the gambling laws and regulations for that country first.

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