Recent Slot Gambling Laws In The UK

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Throughout its history the gambling world has consistently been at loggerheads with various global authorities, something that is true all round the world. In fact, it speaks volumes that the world’s first genuine casino establishment was only created in the 17th century, with the Venetians deciding to open a state regulated casino in order to cope with the gambling demand over the harvest celebrations. This means that, in essence, all gambling before was illegal, which is funny when you think about how popular gambling was even back then. 

For one reason or another the authorities have always been somewhat wary of the gambling world, and this was particularly the case during the 1800s, where the game of roulette led to the dramatic rise of super casinos in Europe. Fearing that the families who owned these establishments had too much money, the authorities quickly moved to ban them. But anyway, you get the picture – state authorities and the gambling industry such as WizardSlots often don’t have the best of relationships. Let’s explore this subject further with some recent slot gambling laws in the UK. 

The Gambling Act 2005 

Before The Gambling Act 2005 in the UK most countries were still struggling to work out exactly how to treat the burgeoning online casino industry, as there was a stark absence of any kind of legal framework to deal with an online casino world that was rapidly getting bigger and bigger. This is what inspired the UK government to pass The Gambling Act 2005 a decade and a half ago, and it had a huge impact on the online casino industry as a whole. 

When it was first announced many people within the new online casino market were afraid that the regulations would prove too restrictive, and that the exponential growth of the online casino industry would be stemmed. In actuality, however, the opposite was the case, as The Gambling Act 2005 gave online casino sites increased freedom to advertise their games, in exchange for complying with a stricter set of regulations that would keep online gamblers safer, and achieve greater transparency in the market. 

The Gambling Act 2005 – 2014 Update 

With The Gambling Act 2005 the UK government was the first country out of the EU bloc to implement any kind of serious legal frameworks on the online casino industry, and the EU quickly followed suit, helping to stamp out the rise of organised crime within online casino. As the online casino industry grew and grew it became apparent that The Gambling Act 2005 would have to be updated further, something that eventually happened in 2014. The 2014 update was mainly concerned with slot gambling laws, and it made it law that all online casino sites and slot vendors from foreign countries also had to be reviewed by the UK Gambling Commission if they wanted to run in the UK. 

Limit On Slot Terminal Betting 

There were more changes afoot in UK slot gambling laws in 2019, where the government responded to pressure and implemented a £2 bet limit on fixed betting terminals. And in the future there will most likely be additional updates to slots gambling and casino gaming in the United Kingdom and beyond.

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