11 Project Manager Interview Questions And Answers

project manager interview questions pmp management discussion

The interview phase can be a very defining moment in professional life. There are several hurdles that pop up while preparing for the post of project manager. The steps to succeed as a professional starts from a very early stage as a student. Project managers need to be very efficient and hardworking from day one of their professional careers. Being vigilant from an early stage can help them to achieve profound success in their career. 

The job interviews can range from very beginner level to very advance level. The interviewers can be looking for some special traits in these young minds. The aim or motive of these interviews is to teach the ethics of project management to young aspirants who are eagerly waiting to be a part of the industry and make their mark. 

What Do These Project Management Questions Look Like? 

1. What are your achievements, qualifications, etc.? 

2. Define your personal character, family background, etc. 

3. What, according to you, is a challenging project? 

4. What is the most challenging hurdle you are proud of completing? 

5. How will you lead a team of amateur project managers in future?

6. What type of communications skills do you look for in a project manager? 

7. How will you rate your response mechanism as of current standards? 

8. In case a project goes off-track, what will be your immediate response? 

9. From what type of domains do you prefer doing projects? 

10. What are the most useful tools for a project manager? 

11. How will you describe project management to a school child? 

These questions are some of the most intriguing questions that are asked to an aspiring project manager. There are several other questions that are also equally important and which have profound meanings in their answers. CAPM Certification The questions may look similar to the ones that have been asked in previous interviews, but the interviewers search for different perspectives from different aspirants. As the world of IT expands, there needs to be room for more ideas and more perspectives; that is the main reason a series of questions are tried on a large variety of aspirants from different parts of the world to collect a diverse range of ideas. This helps them to classify separate ideologies and the places they will fit. Most of the project managers end up leading successful teams and are very successful examples to others. They have one thing in common, that is, good work ethics. 

Dynamic Nature Of Project Management Job Role 

The role of a project manager might vary from company to company. There are small scale industries that require a project manager to handle several queries and responsibilities; in short, they are leaders who are capable of handling positions in various facets. There are project managers in large scale industries who are given the job to focus on a particular operation, bigger companies have a large number of employees, and they need a different group of people to handle different types of services. The job role is dynamic as the industry is dynamic itself; the needs and scope of the industry changes in a very short span of time. The types of services provided also change with change in company goals. The main aim of HRs conducting an interview is to check whether the applicant is familiar with the company goals or to check whether he/she can cope up with the company goals and targets. These targets may vary, as they might refer to quantitative targets, qualitative targets, etc. There are people who stress on quantity and, on the other side, some stress on quality. Companies which have maintained uniformity in both qualitative and quantitative aspects are the one who has created a buzz in the industry and have scaled new heights. These companies select their employees after layers of refining by conducting these interviews and tough exams. A professional CV or resume is also checked in an interview, and questions might be asked from the things that are mentioned in the CV. Therefore building a CV should be done carefully, and aspirants shouldn’t attend these interviews under any false pretexts. 

Project Management Interview Conclusion

In short, one needs to be very professional in nature, should have good communication skills, should be very absorbing and receptive towards new ideas and must have very good work ethics in order to successfully clear the interview.

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