5 Benefits Of Using Bitcoins For Everyday Purchases

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Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency system which is decentralized and exchanged from peer to peer. This blockchain backed  technology system allows the online consumers to carry out transactions through digital units of exchange. These units are actually termed as bitcoins. Bitcoins are not issued by banks or governments. Bitcoin can be used in everyday purchases using software and applications like Bitcoin Loophole App, without much difficulty. 

Bitcoins: 5 Benefits Of Using It For Everyday Purchases 

As bitcoins are not issued by banks or governments there are several benefits of using it for everyday purchases. These big BTC benefits are: 

1. Autonomy Of The Users 

As mentioned earlier, bitcoins are not issued by any bank or any government. So, the users of bitcoins enjoy much autonomy over their bitcoin possession, which is unthinkable in case of fiat currencies, i.e. the currencies issued by banks and governments. Bitcoin users have full control over how they would spend their own money without any authority interference into it. 

2. Discretion 

One of the most striking features of bitcoin purchasing is that it is discreet. And this is another benefit of purchasing using it. No one can easily trace out a bitcoin user, unless he himself publishes his bitcoin transactions. This happens because bitcoin transactions are much like ‘cash-only’ purchases and thus it never gets associated with the identity of the user. Moreover, an anonymous bitcoin address which is generated during a process of purchase, changes with each transaction. Identity of the user is not completely untraceable, whatsoever, but the probability is much less. 

3. Low Transaction Fees And Quick Transaction 

Standard transactions through payment gateways, fund transfers or foreign purchases generally involve certain amounts of fees and exchange costs. This doesn’t occur in case of bitcoin purchases. As there is no authority intermediary or involvement of the government, the transaction fees are generally kept very low. Bitcoin users, who travel a lot, benefit a lot from this feature. Another additional advantage of bitcoin transactions is that transactions are done very quickly because users don’t have to upload authorization requirements like bank account details or transaction card details while purchasing. 

4. Fraud-Free Identity 

Though the identity of bitcoin users cannot be generally traced, there is a public ledger associated with bitcoin transactions which is called ‘transaction blockchain’. This ledger keeps monitoring all the transactions to see whether the balance in the bitcoin wallet maintains accuracy. Transactions are checked to make sure that the money spent on a particular transaction is owned by the current spender. This blockchain technology makes the digital transaction secured through encryption and ‘smart contracts’ which makes the identity fraud-free. 

5. Usability At Any Place Or Situation 

At any place or situation in the world, bitcoin users can pay for their coins. They only need an internet connection. They do not have to go to banks or other places for drawing money or stores to buy a product. A large number of people in the world do not have access to traditional banking systems. For them, bitcoin transactions are highly welcomed. 

Cryptocurrency Conclusion 

Apart from these, Bitcoin users do not have to pay any kind of bank fees and have almost zero threat of inflation. That's why BTC is a smart choice for you and me!

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