4 Exciting Facts You Are Unaware Of About Bitcoins

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Over the last decade, there occurred a silent revolution in the world of money transaction. ‘Money of the internet’, or ‘bitcoin’ as it is called, has steadily attained popularity among a large number of people, who are using it both for investments as well as daily transactions. Bitcoin emerged to be the undisputed king of cryptocurrency. They even make significant returns from rising crypto markets using trading platforms like Bitcoin Evolution. Yet, the majority of the people neither know about it nor use it. 

Exciting facts about bitcoins you may not know A vast majority of the people don't have any idea about bitcoins cryptocurrency. But people, who use bitcoins regularly, may not even know much about the exciting stories and facts behind bitcoins. Here are some exciting facts you will be fascinated to know about BTC crypto: 

1. Mysterious Inventor Of Bitcoin

Who was that person who invented bitcoin, back in 2008? The answer is, nobody actually knows who the real inventor of bitcoin is. Yes, this is the fact. While searching on the internet, you may find a name, but immediately you will be stunned to find out that name to be just a pseudonym: Satoshi Nakamoto. There are speculations that bitcoin was either invented by a single person or a group of persons. Few people claimed themselves to be the inventor of bitcoins at different times, but all of them later turned out to be scammers. So, the mystery remains a mystery and probably will for at least a few more years. 

2. The First Bitcoin Purchase Was Made For Pizza 

When bitcoins first came to the market, the cost was very low. It needed some cents to buy a bitcoin. The first purchase was made in May, 2010 when an unknown buyer had purchased two pizzas from a leading pizza brand which cost 10,000 BTC which was then equivalent to 41 USD only. This was indeed a big step because at that time, no retailers would go for bitcoins for goods or services. 

3. Bitcoin Is Difficult To Trace

While purchasing, your personal identity as a bitcoin user will never be disclosed. The reason is that bitcoin transactions are much like cash-only transactions and the anonymous bitcoin address gets changed with every transaction you make. Still, your identity can be traced. There is a transparent ledger called ‘transaction blockchain’ which keeps records of every transaction and checks the accuracy of balance in the wallet. Your identity and details can be traced if anyone gets to know about bitcoin public addresses. But, that is quite difficult. 

4. Bitcoin Cannot Be Banned 

As the bitcoin system doesn’t operate according to the jurisdiction of the traditional banking system, constant talk goes on about banning it. Thus, it also poses a threat to financial power structure. But, it is designed in such a way that no one can actually ban it. It can get regulated only. If you have an internet connection and a valid bitcoin wallet you can use bitcoins, no matter where you are or what situation you’re dealing with. That is why it Bitcoins have been made legal in few developed countries so far. Bitcoin apps and websites are more easily regulated by certain restrictive nations, but those are merely tools of utilizing BTC. 

Crypto Conclusion

Naturally, there are more interesting facts associated with bitcoins. The more you engage, the more you will know, the more you will be overwhelmed by BTC crypto.

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