Why Cyber Security Is Important In 2021

why cyber security important

Before bombarding you with why you need it, maybe we should first go over what cybersecurity is. After all, who wants to spend money when you don’t know what you’re purchasing? So, what is cybersecurity all about? In the simplest terms, it refers to the protection of computers, mobile phones, servers, networks, and electronic systems and data from malware and attacks. 

Understanding Cybersecurity And Cybercrime 

Much to most people’s wrongful assumption, cybersecurity is not necessarily a modern problem. The first cyber-attack was recorded in 1903 when a magician disrupted John Fleming’s demonstration by sending demeaning Morse code text that projected onto the auditorium’s screen. This ancient attack goes to show that cybercrime is more dynamic than you think. 

Today, modern attackers are continually improving their skills, thus becoming more sophisticated. The more developers create, the more the attackers learn and adapt. Why? Because technology has made things easier for hackers. They use ‘exploit kits ’ to take advantage of human errors on PCs and servers. And, this is why you need to protect yourself and your loved ones at all costs! 

Below is a list of prevalent cybercrimes to protect your computer and other electronic devices from. 

 Identity Theft 

Such scams occur when cybercriminals use your credit or debit card information to make purchases using your name. Estimations by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) show almost nine million identity theft crimes occur every year in America. If you notice a hint of suspicious activities on your account, report it to your bank immediately! 

 Online Harassment 

The younger or modern generation is typically the target of such crimes. As the name suggests, online harassment refers to any bullying or malicious content posted on social networks to demean other users. Always refrain from hateful speech and report any online harassment activities to relevant authorities. 


Phishing occurs when hackers trick innocent users into revealing personal information on fake websites. These websites mimic other legitimate ones and bank on the demise of unsuspecting browsers. Start using online phishing filters before visiting any websites.


Cyber-stalkers continually monitor their victims’ online activities by infecting their computers with malware that tracks all online activity. These criminals are dangerous as they can contact a victim’s friends and family to extract or reveal information. Always report such cases immediately! 

4 Reasons Why Cyber Security Is Important 

From the cybercrimes list above, you must know by now why cybersecurity is vital for all web users. Nonetheless, here are four reasons to stay alert. 

• Anyone Can Become A Victim 

Nine million Americans fall victim to cybercrimes every year, meaning that there’s an attack every 4 seconds. So, you can only imagine the vast numbers affected globally. What’s worse is that the numbers are constantly rising. Cyber-attackers don’t care for boundaries, often attacking even government organizations. 

• Businesses And Jobs Are Affected 

Businesses are losing millions of dollars every year whenever their accounts are hacked. It costs a pretty sum to recover data and pay for penalties. Such losses result in company executives and other personnel losing their jobs. 

• Potential Growth Of Cybersecurity Careers 

As expected, businesses will continually have to upgrade their security systems. Consequently, there will be a massive demand for cybersecurity experts. A study by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that information security analysts’ jobs will see an upward trend of 28% between 2016 and 2026. 

• Increase In Online Regulations And Legislation 

The more cybersecurity crimes increase, the harsher the laws will become. Federal nations are going to design new laws to protect web users. This means tightening the noose on perpetrators and encouraging business owners to comply with the new rules. 

The Way Forward In Cybersec

There is no other realistic way forward other than protecting yourself with cybersec precautions. Even when you are gaming, you should ensure to visit safe online casinos. Share the message of cyber security with all your connections. You never know whose money or life you could be saving with these digital protection tips! 

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