New Economy Innovation in E-Commerce Shipment Solutions

forced innovation e-commerce shipment solutions

The years of Covid-19 changed everything. For better or for worse, the way we function in society and the way we run our businesses has changed. 

Due to shutdowns across the planet over the last year, our manufacturing and shipping services have been strained. Many industries are experiencing huge backups and delays in their manufacturing. 

And one of the hardest-hit industries, in a good way, is the global shipping industry. More than ever before, global demand for effective shipment solutions is increasing. 

We need products and materials transferred around the globe fast. Whether traveling by boat or plane, shipping companies are backed up and working hard to meet the demand. Supply chains have been disrupted, delayed, or decimated.

For those looking for more efficient logistics solutions, are there better options available today? How can businesses maximize international shipping in order to deliver products to their customers faster? 

And what are the best e-commerce practices today to keep up with demand, as many people still prefer to shop online? Keep reading to find out how ecommerce innovations are occurring in the new normal economy. 

Many Industries Are Struggling to Catch Up 

At the beginning of the pandemic in the US, the bicycle industry experiences an immediate slowdown. As people were shocked by the shutdowns, discretionary spending was put to a halt. 

But only a few weeks later, people realized they had a lot of free time and could still go outside. As a result, bike shops around the country sold out of inventory. The demand continues as bike shops are unable to restock inventory fast enough. 

Why? Well, most bicycle manufacturing takes place in Taiwan and China, where production was put to a halt for quite some time. 

Now that most manufacturing is up and running again, there is a huge delay in production lead times. On top of that, once things are ready to ship, that process is likely to take longer due to delays in the shipping industry. 

Many other industries are in the same boat as the bicycle industry. Demand is high, supply is low, and everything is delayed. 

Effective Shipment Solutions In The New Economy 

For companies around the world, it's simply a waiting game for them to receive the parts and products they ordered months ago. Manufacturing plants in Asia are working to meet demand, but it's going to take a long time to normalize. 

What you can control, however, is product delivery. Choosing how you ship your products and materials is your next big decision. 

Those looking to maximize their air cargo shipping should check out the most experienced providers for effective shipping. Google is a good starting point.

E-commerce businesses can also find ways to ship their products more efficiently. Sticking with 1 shipping provider may not be the best option. Instead, you can work with a shipping platform that gives you the option to ship with multiple couriers. 

This way, your e-commerce shipment is not reliant on any particular courier, many of whom are experiencing their own delays. 

Making the Most of the Times 

It's a strange time to be alive, and an even stranger time to be operating a business. Rules and industries are changing before our eyes, including the shipping industry

It's hard to imagine things returning to normal again. Shipment solutions are needed to ensure customer needs are met. Without the shipping industry, where would we be today? 

Interested in learning more about maximizing your e-commerce business in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic? Be sure to check out more on our blog today to learn more about e-commerce strategies and smart shipment solutions.

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