Does An At-Home Business Need A Business Phone Number?

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In today's world, running a small business from home is on the rise. If you run a small business, it can be tempting to use the cell phone number that you personally use as your business phone number. After all, it's easy because you already have everything in place to go that route. There are, however, many reasons why procuring a separate phone number is a smart business move. 

You don't even necessarily need to buy any additional phone hardware. Many systems work with your existing cell phone and computer. Here are a few reasons to consider using a separate phone number for your business instead of a personal number. 

Present A Professional Image 

When you receive a business call, ideally you'll answer it professionally. If you're using your personal cell number, though, it may not be apparent which incoming calls are for your business and which are for you personally. Businesses that use business phone numbers know from the moment the phone rings what type of calls they're receiving. 

Also, when you are unable to answer an incoming professional call, having a business phone number means you can have a professional voicemail greeting that your customers will hear instead of sending them to your personal voicemail. Customer confidence is boosted when they are assured that they have actually reached the business they are trying to connect with. 

Record A Custom Business Greeting 

Sometimes people call your business phone number looking for basic information. If you find yourself fielding the same types of calls over and over, you might benefit from creating a customized greeting for your business phone. You can record a message that allows your customers to hear your business hours, or get the address of your physical location if that's relevant. 

The beauty of a customized greeting is that you can share whatever information would be helpful for your unique customers. After hearing your greeting, callers can choose to remain on the line and have their call answered. 

Protect Your Personal Life 

One clear benefit of using a dedicated business phone number is that you don't have to share your personal phone number with the public. Keeping your personal number private helps you have solid boundaries between your work life and the rest of your life. 

Also, with a business phone number, you can specify operating hours for your business. When calls come in on your business phone outside of your business hours, you can send the callers to a professional message that indicates that you are currently closed, and what your business hours are. You can either ask them to call again during that time or leave you a message. 

Support Multiple Phone Devices 

Maybe your days require you to do business in many locations without a lot of predictability. You can specify that calls that come in on your business number ring on multiple devices at one time. Whether you're at your desk using your computer, sitting in a conference room with coworkers, or driving to your next meeting, you'll know that you can answer incoming calls. Virtual numbers can ring on computers, traditional phones, and cell phones. 

In addition to personal flexibility, acquiring a virtual phone number plan for your business also allows you to have a team of multiple support people answering phones for you at one time. All of the employees currently working phones for you will be notified of incoming calls, and whoever answers first will be connected with the caller. 

Selecting a separate phone number for your business has many advantages over using your personal cell phone number professionally. Setting up a virtual business number is easy, and allows you flexibility in how you operate your business.

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