6 Reasons Why You Should Begin Your Business Career With A BBA In 2021

begin business career with bba degree

Have you ever dreamed of playing a crucial managerial role in a large company? Of course, you have—we all have at one point. However, the biggest hurdle is going through four to six years of higher education to finally acquire an MBA degree. But if you want to fast-track your way to a decision-making role, the best way to do it is by earning a BBA degree. 

Below, we offer you 6 compelling reasons why earning a BBA degree is the greatest way to begin a career in business. 

Learn Multiple Disciplines 

If you don’t know where to begin learning about business, a BBA program is the best place to start. You’ll take several courses related to various areas in business, including accounting, management, marketing, and communications. 

Most BBA students prefer taking nibbles off of multiple subjects to delving deeper into a specific topic, which is completely fine. Understanding the basics of multiple business-related disciplines can help you fine-tune your career based on which subject(s) excites you the most. 

Prepare For Managerial Roles Early 

Managerial roles require much more than just a basic theoretical foundation of leadership, critical thinking, and decision making. BBA programs focus heavily on soft-skill development. While you won’t master these skills in the classroom, you’ll have a leg-up compared to your non-BBA peers applying for a back-office position. 

Unlock Limitless Career Potential 

Whatever industry you decide to work in—agriculture, education, hospitality—employers are always seeking out the brightest minds in the business. With a BBA degree, employers can correctly assume that a graduate possesses the basic principles of business and making a profit. 

Obviously, experience plays a more crucial role than a BBA degree. However, starting your business career with a BBA will help you land a more challenging role in a company to accelerate your growth and develop a sixth-sense (so to speak) in business. 

Quicker Pay Raises 

This is probably why you’re here: to learn about how you can make it with a BBA degree. Immediately after graduation, you’ll have your picks of which companies to work for and in what position. Business administration grads are free to work in accounting, human resources, operations, and finances. Your degree won’t guarantee you a job, but it will demonstrate to future employers that you won’t need a ton of training to adapt. 

On average, fresh graduates from a BBA program will earn about the same as their non-BBA peers. However, as you gain more first-hand experience and more responsibilities, you’ll have more bargaining power to renegotiate your contract and compensation. Records show that a BBA-degree holder can experience a pay raise after just 12 to 18 months of employment, on average. 

Unique Networking Opportunities 

Believe it or not, enrolling in a BBA program won’t just give you an advantage in starting a career in business, but it can also be the very reason you have a career in the first place. As a business administration student, you’ll have the unique opportunity to learn from the best professors, speak with recruiters, and build relationships with like-minded peers that last a lifetime. Some programs even host career expos that offer their students a great chance to speak with future employers before they’ve even graduated. 

Gateway To An MBA Degree 

It’s true that MBA programs are open to any person from any field. A psychology major could pursue an MBA, as long as the applicant demonstrates a basic understanding of business. As a BBA-degree holder, there will be fewer roadblocks preventing you from being admitted into a world-class MBA course in a major university. 

For many aspiring businessmen and women, earning an MBA degree is the final step to reach their ultimate goal. While it’s true that an MBA degree won’t guarantee financial success in the future, it at least gives you a fighting shot at becoming an executive-level manager in your company.

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