How To Protect A Business From Slip And Fall Accidents

protect business against slip and fall accidents personal injury lawsuit

When starting a new business or moving into a new space, it is important to understand premise liability law and what your insurance policy covers. When you have people on your property you take on certain risks. But by knowing how to mitigate those risks you will be far less likely to be taken to court on a slip and fall charge. You work hard to run your business, so you want to make decisions that protect you from facing major legal consequences. 

Conduct A Daily Safety Survey 

Before opening up to customers, have employees check for common culprits of slips and falls, or any hazard that can affect a guest’s health and well-being. This could help you for a number of reasons in an age when customers have no problem sharing their gripes on social media. You do not want evidence going online of your business’ neglect. If you have wet or uneven floors, bad lighting, loose mats or ripped carpeting, visible wires or visible clutter in walkways, then that kind of footage can end up online. 

Have an employee clear the area of it or put up a sign until the issue can be resolved. Hazards involving a pool or hot tubs, plumbing or common areas must be addressed immediately. 

Install Safety Features 

Some renovations on your property can protect your visitors, and you from being held liable for a slip and fall accident. And attorney Pendergrass wants to remind property owners to ensure that the contractor you hire has the requisite licenses and certificates before doing the work. If a guest is injured because you hired an incompetent contractor who did not do an adequate job, then you could be held responsible. It is strongly suggested to make the following renovations: 

● Adding sturdy handrails around decks, staircase and balconies 
● Hire subcontractors for snow and removal from all outdoor areas including parking lots and sidewalks 
● Fix any potholes or cracks in your parking lot or on sidewalks 
● Add adequate lighting to any dark areas 

Immediately Complete Incident Reports After Accidents 

First of all, incident reports should be easily found by any employee at your business. Stacks of them shouldn’t be in a drawer locked in the manager’s office, for example. Everyone from the manager to the new kid who just finished orientation should know where the First Aid kit is as well as what to do if there is a slip and fall accident. 

A victim and whoever they are with will remember how your staff reacted, and will have no problem recording incompetent staff on their cell phones. These days it is important to remember that video evidence is easy to get, and if your staff looks unprepared for an emergency, then that won’t help in court. 

Secondly, you should be reviewing your incident reports to identify problem areas and the causes of injuries so that way you can alleviate them. However, do not admit fault for any accident until you have consulted with an attorney or your insurance provider. 

Install Security Cameras 

Using a surveillance system can help you detect hazards before they become bigger problems. It can also help reduce the incidence of false claims when placed in strategic locations ideal for seeing faces and bodies clearly. 

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