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When it comes to construction and demolition, over 66 million tons of waste are generated every year. While chances are, you aren't building a house completely from the ground up, you still might be going through some hefty renovations. 

In that case, you're probably still generating a bunch of waste that needs to go in a rented dumpster. So one of the best things you can do is hire a skip, as your construction waste will be in one place and can be hauled away conveniently. 

But how much does a skip cost to hire anyway? Below, we'll discuss pricing and what can affect how much you pay! 

How Much Does A Skip Cost To Hire? 

Let's first start off with the average cost to hire a skip. 

In general, you can expect to pay anywhere between £90 to £400 or over. As you can see, that's quite a wide range for prices, and you probably want to narrow it down a bit more. 

Factors That Impact Pricing 

The reason why the average range for skip hire prices is so wide is that there are so many different details involved. Just one difference between you and another homeowner could mean a price difference of couple hundred pounds. 

So what are these factors and how do they affect your skip hire cost? Read on to find out. 

Size Of The Skip 

When you think of a skip, you probably envision a large container blocking your driveway, and that's it. But the reality is, skips come in different sizes. 

In general, they come in mini, medium, and large. Some skip hire places even have containers as small as 2-3 yards to as big as 40 yards! 

As you might've guessed, the bigger the skip, the more you'll have to pay. Mini ones cost around £100 while larger ones up to 8 yards cost £300. 

Surprisingly, once you reach 8 yards, the skips past that size are pretty cost-effective. For example, a 16-yard skip hire costs around £220 and a 40-yard one costs around £400. 

So if you have the space, plus you're unsure of just how much waste you'll generate from your renovation project, think about hiring a larger skip. Not only will you get peace of mind, but you'll save some money as well. 

Length Of The Hire 

What's great about skips is you can rent them for either 1 day or for several weeks or even months! 

Naturally, the longer you have a skip, the more you'll pay. If you hire a skip for a day, it'll be a smaller one-off fee than paying for a long-term dumpster rental. 

However, when you divide it up, a one-day hire can cost more. This is because you're paying the company to drop off the skip, then pick it up within a 24-hour period. 

Imagine that they had 7 customers with 1-day hires in a week, compared to 1 customer with a 1-week hire. They'll have to put in much more work for the first scenario. To make up for that, they'll charge more for short-term rentals. 

Skip hire companies will definitely give you discounts for longer hires. So while the price may seem shocking at first, when you sit down and work it out, we're almost certain it'll be much cheaper than with a short-term hire. 

Your Location 

Where you're located will affect skip hire pricing in several ways. 

For one, if there's a higher cost of living out there, then expect prices to be higher as well. The company has to turn a profit, after all. 

If you're located somewhere where there aren't many skip hire companies, that can also drive prices up. The less competition there is, the higher the companies can price their services. 

In addition, you'll have to apply for a permit if you need to have the skip placed on public roads. The permit prices vary by city. For example, Manchester permits cost £15 while Surrey permits cost £70. 

The Company Itself 

Lastly, the companies themselves will have varying prices. A more reputable one with years of experience might be more expensive than one that's new to the industry or has subpar services. 

But just because a company charges top dollar doesn't necessarily mean they're the best. Make sure you do some research to pick the best business around. Reading past customer reviews can be a great place to start. 

Some Additional Things To Keep In Mind 

It's entirely possible to end up paying more for your skip hire after you've already rented one. 

For example, if you accidentally fill it with restricted items, you'll face fines and fees. Some restricted items include: 

• Asbestos 
• Paint cans 
• Electrical equipment 
• Fridges and freezers 

Skips also have weight limits. This is so the company can safely remove the skip from your property without damage to anyone's belongings. 

If you end up going over the weight limit, the company will have to separate the trash and put the excess in another skip, which you'll have to pay for. 

Hire A Skip Today 

Now you know the answer to the question, "how much does a skip cost to hire?" As you can see, while there is a broad range for the average cost of a skip to hire, there are many other factors that can tilt your skip hire's price one way or another. 

The best thing you can do is ask for a quote from a reputable dumpster rental company, as they'll be able to take into account what your needs are. As a result, you'll get a more accurate idea of how much you'll have to pay to hire a skip. 

For more articles like this one, make sure you read the rest of our blog page! We publish a wide variety of helpful articles on skip hires, dumpster rentals, rubbish bins, and waste management for personal or business use.

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