How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Dumpster?

how much does it cost to rent a dumpster

When it comes to the waste disposal task of your home project, you may opt to rent a dumpster. Of course, the first things you’ll research are the dumpster rental prices. These rental rates will differ vastly from state-to-state and even from town-to-town. These fluctuating rates are predicated on several factors that will differ in every region of the country. 

Below are some of the factors you need to consider as you research how much you should expect to pay for a dumpster rental in your hometown, including Cedar Rapids Iowa dumpster rental rates. 

What Items Are You Putting In The Dumpster? 

Dumpster rental companies price their services off the weight of the items you plan to put in their waste containers. For instance, if you are tearing out a front porch and need to dispose of the concrete or you’re doing a significant landscaping project and need to remove soil from your property, you should expect to pay more than if you’re getting rid of household waste like kids’ toys and old furniture. Dense, compact items like roofing shingles can pile up in a dumpster and really add tremendous weight to the bin, bulky furniture will take up a lot of space and that will result in a lighter bin. 

What Are The Dumping Fees At Your Local Dumping Facility? 

The local rates of your dumping facility will obviously have an incredible impact on the dumpster rental pricing. Your local suppliers are in business and have to charge you with this consideration built into their prices. 

It’s the cold, hard truth that it costs a lot less to dump waste than other parts of the country. For instance renting a dumpster in Naperville IL will cost more than renting a dumpster in Salt Lake City UT because it costs more to dump waste in Naperville than in Salt Lake. 

How Long Do You Need The Container For? 

How long you need the dumpster for is a considerable factor in the estimated rate you’ll receive from your local dumpster rental company. The standard rental period for a dumpster bin is between 7 to 10 days. For most companies, this rental period is built into their pricing. However, if you should need it for additional days, you should expect to incur fees of $5-$10 per day. Your project timeline should be discussed with your local Dumpster Consultants when you are calling around for quotes so they can provide you the best value for your rental. 

A helpful trick to renting a dumpster and getting a few complimentary days is to rent the container on closer to the weekend as often if you receive it on Friday or Saturday, many companies won’t schedule the pickup until the following Monday, giving you a couple extra days without the additional days fee. 

Go Get the Best Value For Your Rental 

You’re now prepared to call around and get the best value on a dumpster to address your waste disposal project. Renting a dumpster isn’t rocket science but there are a few nuances that homeowners should know about before they choose a supplier and luckily there is additional information available on all the considerations homeowners need to think about before renting a waste container. Do your due diligence before renting a dumpster in your local area!

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