5 Characteristics Of A Top Criminal Defense Attorney

characteristics good criminal defense attorney

Criminal defense attorneys have always been an integral part of society. They are the people who are willing to serve and help others for the greater good of society. It is fair to say that they are the ultimate problem solvers, as they work hard to serve justice. Attorneys like Phoenix criminal attorney offer top-notch legal services and help protect the constitutional rights of their clients. 

Here are the 5 characteristics that describe what makes a good criminal defense attorney. 

1. Strong Investigative Skills 

A successful criminal defense attorney must have strong investigative skills. This is an important quality that separates good attorneys from great attorneys. A great criminal defense attorney must look into every single detail and know what to do with the limited information that is available. He or she should know how to accumulate helpful facts and develop a winning argument against the prosecution. Having strong investigative skills is one of the most important characteristics that a criminal defense attorney can have. 

2. Good Communication Skills 

Good communication skills are super important in the field of law. This includes verbal communication, non-verbal communication and written communication. If you are looking for a criminal defense attorney, then make sure you find one with good communication skills. He or she should know how to interact with the judge, witnesses, prosecution and the client. He or she should also have a strong understanding of the legal arguments and communicate that effectively with the judge and jury. 

3. Creative Problem Solving 

You may think that the legal profession lacks creativity and innovation. However, this could not be further from the truth. Having a strong sense of creativity is beneficial for a successful criminal defense attorney. A creative attorney will know how to convince others that his client should have his or her charges dismissed or reduced significantly. Sometimes, this requires coming up with creative solutions to rather mundane problems. Additionally, many judges and jury members like hearing creative arguments, so it is to your benefit to find a criminal defense attorney with a creative mind. 

4. Strong Decision Making 

A good criminal defense lawyer must feel comfortable making strong decisions for his or her clients. It is up to an attorney to review the evidence and the criminal code and present his or her client with a winning legal strategy. Further, lawyers must know how to make fast decisions that could ultimately decide the fate of their client’s case. 

5. Good Listening 

It is often said that you have to be a good listener if you want to be a good speaker. This holds true in the legal profession. It is important for a criminal defense lawyer to listen to his or her clients. In most cases, your client’s words can ultimately help you make good decisions that result in a positive legal outcome. Being a good listener will also make your clients happier and more likely to recommend you to their friends, family and work associates. 

The Verdict Is In

When looking for an experienced and professional criminal defense attorney, make sure that he or she possesses the characteristics mentioned above. This will improve the likelihood of you receiving a positive legal verdict and make sure you are heading in the right direction.

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