Beginner Guide To The Hawaiian Islands

beginner's guide hawaiian islands

Hawaii has always been a dream destination for most people and for those who travel a lot, chances are that it is on their bucket list. It is, without a doubt, one of the best vacation destinations in America. The Hawaiian islands are endowed with beautiful scenery, and none is similar to the other so you will have a lot of stuff to explore and do there. 

With the different islands and adventure activities to choose from, how do you start planning for your itinerary? Since there are a lot of things you can do in the Hawaiian islands, here is a quick guide to help you choose the top places and activities to indulge in if you plan to visit. 

Surf at Maui Beaches 

If you love surfing, don’t forget to embark on a tour to Maui. From scenic beaches, waterfalls, and great surf to enjoying great food in some restaurants around. Early in the morning, go for cycling and get to experience the sun rise over Mt.Haleakala. If you prefer sea activities head over to Ka’anapali beach for a boat ride or snorkeling. 

Head To Waikiki Beach In Oahu 

If you enjoy tanning under the sun and enjoying beautiful seascapes, then the Waikiki Beach in Oahu is a must-go. At this beach, there are often toned surfers riding the waves so if you like surfing you might not want to miss this. While enjoying the afternoon sun and warm sea waters, also indulge in a few Mai Tai cocktails served up in the hotels there. 

Go to Volcanoes National Park 

Located at the south, the Volcanoes National Park boasts a sight to behold. And if you are worried about aggressive eruptions and hot lava raining all over the place, it’s not the case. This active zone is host to different craters with hot lava that streams down into the sea. It is quite the place to visit, especially in the evening. You will also likely meet Paniolo, the local cowboys found in the island, so don’t forget to make some friends while there! 

While at it, schedule some time to visit the telescopes at Mauna Kea planetary observatory. It has one of the best views at night and you will get to experience very satisfying clear night skies from 9200ft above the sea level. 

Visit Pearl Harbor 

If you would love to learn a little history, then you can visit Pearl Harbor. This harbor dates back in history during WWII. In December 1941, the Japanese planes attacked the naval base following the forced entry of the forced entry of America into the war. There is a lot more to learn, and the environment is more laid back than most bustling places in Hawaii. While there, learn a few basic Hawaiian terms like “Aloha” and “Mahalo” which mean “Hello” and “Thank You”. Also, try out some local dishes like Spam Msubi and pok√© which are very yummy during your travels

Head To Hawaii 

This is one of the big islands of Hawaii, also named like the state. It has a diverse nature with a hot sunny climate. Carry a good camera like a GoPro to capture a mixture of active and dormant high ridge of volcanoes as well as a black lava rock on the roadsides. Head to Hawaii now and have fun, you can thank us later!

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