Tips To Shoot Better Videos With GoPro

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No matter if you are an aspiring video creator or want to make compelling home videos, besides passion, you need the best gear without breaking your bank. While thinking about the best equipment to take cutting edge footage, the first thing that would appear in any videographer's mind is GoPro cameras. For the last two decades, after the launch of the first 35mm film camera, GoPro has become the priority of avid videographers because of its quality and endurance. In today's age, there is no better option than GoPros to seize the zest of your long-cherished adventure: be it skydiving or sensational bike riding for durability and versatility. 

Again, an expert GoPro editing service can take your shots to the height you desire, making them look professional. 

If you are a novice or a leading giant in this sector, adopting some easy yet useful tips and tricks will help you turn the compelling shots into a masterpiece! 

Tips To Shoot Better Videos With Your GoPro 

Have you just brought your long-cherished brand new GoPro camera and are thinking about how you can take better footage? Do not worry. We are offering here some pro tips to make your shots enchanting and captivating like never before! 

Plan Your Shots 

No matter how sophisticated gear you use to capture video, unless you plan them wisely, you will end up taking some random shots that will only load your storage. The foremost thing you need to ensure is to plan the footage correctly and make strategies to execute them. This way, your chances to tell the story successfully increases exponentially. So, before clicking, make sure you select the location wisely, take some time to observe the place, and plan the shots. Planning prior to clicking helps you find innovative angles for shooting and playing with the lightings. 

To ensure you are shaping the video appropriately, keep the following factors in mind: 

• Shoot, keeping the intro, main part, and outro in mind. 
• Try to film in the 'Golden Hour' to utilize the dramatic influence of natural light. 
• Build a storyboard for complicated videos 
• Select the angles and transitions flawlessly 

Utilize The GoPro Setting 

Now that you have planned your shoots wisely, it is time to utilize the features. The Auto mode of GoPro also produces compelling videos, but to make your shots look a bit more professional to capture the audience, you should gather knowledge about its settings. While coming to the surpassing setting features, how can someone miss Protune, an outstanding characteristic in GoPro that offers supreme control over saturation, color correction, exposure, etc.? With Protune, you can also take footage with less compression relating to the auto mode. 

Keep It Short 

Would you ever prefer seeing a video screened in the same location for long? Certainly not, right? In fact, It becomes boring to the viewers to stay tuned to a film shot from a single angle for long. If you want to present your footage compellingly and attractively, try taking short clips. Thus the shots will achieve dynamicity and tell the story better to the audience. One pro tip here to excel is to shoot for about 10 seconds at a single angle. Thus you get the opportunity to discover hundreds of unique angles and take some cutting-edge shots. 

Keep It Charged 

GoPro updates its features with the latest releases, but the capacity of the batteries prevails unchanged. With the growing processing capability and features, you may run out of battery power while shooting. We would strongly recommend packing some additional batteries for backing up the power supply and adopt the following essential tips: 

• Switch the camera's Bluetooth, GPS, Wifi and voice control function off 

• Unless you need it, you can turn the display of the camera off. 

Stabilize The Shots 

One of the vital tips you must adopt is to keep the shots steady. The surpassing features that make GoPro the preference of even the professionals are its hyper smoothness and stabilization. But while shooting in some distinct conditions, like in dim illumination, the stabilization may not work according to your need. In such a circumstance, the camera may fail to capture the object successfully. So, in critical lighting, try to skip stabilization features like hyper smooth in your GoPro camera. Instead of this feature, you can adopt a gimbal stabilizer for shooting in low lighting conditions and handling the stabilization mechanically. It also works unbeatably well in taking stable shots while you need footage in motion. 

You can also use a GoPro tripod to make your footage stable. GoPro is pretty lightweight and hence does not require any heavy tripod for keeping the camera steady. 

Use Burst And Time-Lapse Shooting 

The surpassing feature of GoPro is its versatility that offers uniqueness to your video. Two outstanding features of the last generations of GoPro cameras are the time-lapse and burst modes that can let your shots stand out among the rest. Use burst mode to combine photos to create an action sequence and Night-lapse and Time-lapse to create fast-paced shots for adding a dramatic effect. 

Keep Editing In Mind 

Keep editing equal significance after taking compelling shots with your GoPro camera. In fact, professional editing can convert your clips into a masterpiece that can attract thousands of audience. If you are a novice, you may feel that editing is a tiresome job. You have a handful of paid and free-of-cost editing software specified for editing GoPro shots.

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