Time for a New House: Top 5 Reasons People Are Moving in 2021

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Did you know that 701,000 new homes were sold in the last year? On average, the price of a home was about $299,400. This is an 8.8 percent decrease in value from the previous year. 

Buying a new house is a big financial investment but there are many reasons why people are moving and purchasing new homes in 2021. Keep reading to find out why everyone is getting a new house. 

1. People Are Moving to More Affordable Places 

There are many reasons to move and one of the most common in 2021 is finding a more affordable place to live. Instability in the economy and the job market is a key reason why so many Americans are looking to find new homes where the price of living is lower. 

Whether financial hardship has directly affected them or not, rising housing costs in certain cities has led many to move out of their current homes and look in neighboring cities or states to purchase something new. 

2. You Want a Home Upgrade 

You might want to buy a home not primarily because it's more affordable but to upgrade your living situation. Renting is a temporary living arrangement and moving into something entirely your own is a great step forward. 

Since you're spending more time at home in 2021, the need for more space is something on your mind. Looking to buy a new house with more space for an office or your children's game room is common these days. 

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3. New Work Options 

Next on our list of reasons to move out is coming into new work opportunities. A new job is a common reason why many people relocate to a new city or state and this might be the case for you. 

In 2021, more Americans have the opportunity to work from home or are currently doing so. With this flexibility in completing your job, you don't have to stay in the city where you work anymore. 

More Americans are moving out of their current homes and into cities they've always wanted to live in while keeping their current jobs. 

4. Less Crowded Neighborhoods 

When deciding to buy a house you might be interested in moving out of a big city to the suburbs or even a rural area. These moves can be related to the lower costs of living but a deciding factor in 2021 is the appeal of less populated neighborhoods. 

Moving to an area with smaller populations in an era of widespread disease is a trend that will continue into 2021. 

5. Changes in the Family 

When selling a house to move into a new one, a common reason might be because of changes in your family. Whether it's a marriage, divorce, or a growing family, you might need something new as your family spends more time at home. 

Reasons for Moving and Buying a New House 

There are many reasons for packing up, moving, and buying a new house in 2021. The need for more space and new work opportunities are common reasons why. Make sure to check out some of the other home improvement, moving, and real estate blog posts.

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