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Planning travel is fun, from fixing your itinerary to choosing which set of clothes to bring. But one thing that can add to the excitement is the chance to travel with your beloved pet. Our furry friends are a great company and can be a good conversation starter when talking with other people. Plus, they also love adventure as much as we do! 

However, you have to take note of regulations and restrictions about pet travel. This is mainly important if you will be booking a flight for your trip. To make sure your animal companions are safe and comfortable on the go, get them an airline friendly pet carrier - A Pet with Paws. 

What Is A Pet Carrier? 

Simply put, pet carriers are storage especially made for animal companions. They usually look like a box while some resemble those gym bags or backpacks. But don’t fret as they are well-ventilated to ensure pets can breathe in easily. 

When traveling by plane, pet carrier requirements vary. For instance, United Airlines pet policy guidelines may have different regulations than that of American Airlines. It is best to check with your chosen airline first what their rules are in flying together with pets before buying a pet carrier. 

Tips On Selecting Airline Compliant Pet Carriers 

There are many styles and variations of airline friendly pet carrier - A Pet with Paws. But not all are compliant with the regulations imposed by airlines. Don’t miss out on these features when looking for an airline-approved pet carrier. 


In an airplane, pets can either be allowed under the seat in front of you or checked in the cargo. It all depends on the size of your pet. Just make sure to get a pet carrier that is compliant to the rules created by the International Air Transport Association (IATA)

For smaller pets, it’s best to choose a sleepypod air in-cabin pet carrier so you can easily sneak them and see them throughout your trip. It should be large enough for them to sit, stand erect, lie down, or turn around. The carrier should completely fit under the seat in front of you. So, you have to ask your chosen airlines for the dimensions. Note that bringing in in-cabin pet carriers counts as part of your carry-on luggage allowance. 

Meanwhile, if your pet is larger, most likely the airline will have them shipped as cargo or as checked baggage. The same with in-cabin carriers, the airline approved pet carrier size for pets flying as cargo or checked bags should allow them to move easily while on air. Airlines wouldn’t allow pets to be hunched or scrunched so you better give size a big consideration. 


Whether your pet will travel in-cabin or via cargo, your pet should be able to breathe properly throughout your trip. The pet carrier should be adequately ventilated. For your pet’s peaceful journey, choose a carrier that has ventilation slits on all four sides. 


You will need to make sure that your pet will stay inside their carrier while traveling. You wouldn’t want airline personnel and guests to startle out in case you lost them on air. It’s recommended to get a pet carrier with safety fasteners to prevent your furry friend from suddenly going out. Soft pet carriers usually have zippers. If you prefer this, you can put a clasp or zipper closure just to ensure the zipper will remain closed while your pet is inside. 


Pets won’t be able to control their urges unlike humans can. Expect them to pee and poop even while onboard the plane. That is why your pet carrier should be leak-free to avoid any particles or even smell leaking on the airplane. Placing an absorbent pet pad on the carrier is also helpful. 

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Aside from getting an airline friendly pet carrier - A Pet with Paws, here are some steps to take to prepare your animal companion for travel: 

Have An Appointment With A Veterinarian 

Have your pet checked by a veterinarian and ask for a health certificate as proof that your furry friend is healthy enough to travel. You will need this both for your departure and return. Produce two copies, one to be included with your boarding documents while the other is attached to your pet carrier. Note that most health certificates last for only 30 days. 

Know The Airline Rules 

As mentioned, you must know the rules of your chosen airline regarding pet travel. Each airline has its specific policies. Some only allow pets weighing a certain kilo or restrict those belonging to a particular breed. While others depend on factors, such as your destination or length of flight, to determine if they will allow your pet to travel or not. 

Introduce Your Pet To The Carrier 

Allow your pet to be familiar with their pet carrier. First, place the pet carrier in an area at your home where your pet usually hangs out. Then, add some treats to the pet carrier so your furry friend will be enticed to go into it. Try closing the carrier, with your pet in it, and give rewards or praises. Once they are getting the hang of it, bring your animal companion to a public place using the pet carrier for them to become even more comfortable with it. 

Food And Water 

On the day of your trip, it is best to avoid feeding them at least five hours before the flight. A little amount of water is okay. This is to help them control, in a way, their pee and poop sessions. If your pet will be transported via cargo, include two bowls inside the carrier, one for food and water. Then, tape the food package on the outside of the carrier so the flight attendants can assist. 

Keep Them Busy 

While waiting for boarding, keep your furry friend busy. This is so they can use all their energy and end up just resting while on air. Knowing that your pet is comfortable during your trip will surely give you peace of mind, too. 

Canine And Cat Conclusion 

Planning a trip? There is no stopping you if you want to bring your animal companion with you. As long as they are allowed within the airline’s regulations and they are carefully placed in an airline-approved carrier, then they are good to go! 

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