Window Replacement Shopping: The Expenses Of Replacing A Broken Window

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Before doing window replacement, the first step is often assessing if it can be repaired before opting for a replacement. However, if it can’t be repaired, replacement becomes optimal. But, this choice requires careful planning to make sure it aligns with your budget. 

Consider breaking down the costs involved to understand what needs more budgeting. So, let us find out how important it is to understand your windows replacement expenses. 

1. Should You Repair Or Replace Your Windows? 

Some parts of the window can be easily repaired instead of replacing the entire unit. For example, if one of your window glass shutters, repair that part instead of the entire window. But, if your door frame is rotting and can barely support the door, an entire replacement is preferable. 

2. What Is The Price Of Repairing Broken Glass? 

When your window glass shutter, a glazier come to assess the extent of the damage and if it has affected the frame. If not, they take the measurement and schedule a time for the window replacement. The cost of such assessments and repairs costs an hourly rate between $60 and $80. 

However, since some damages can be emergencies, replacement windows cost can be more. Those classified as emergencies are those caused by calamities such as hurricanes, storms, and others. They can hike up to $150 per hour. 

After the assessment of the window, the glazier replaces the broken glass. However, for window panes manufactured before 1989, it becomes challenging to find the exact matches as they are no longer manufactured. 

Safety Tip: broken glass can be hazardous and also make your home susceptible to break-ins. It is advisable to have it repaired soon before causing severe damages. Use thick gloves to collect the broken glass as you wait for the professional help to arrive. 

3. Does Home Insurance Cover A Smashed Window? 

Home insurance covers what is in your policy. Often, rebuilding and repairing a home are some items covered by your home insurance as well as damages caused by unseen natural disasters such as bushfires, storms, and floods. 

Additionally, home insurance covers damages caused by break-ins and other crimes. However, if your window needs to be repaired from wear and tear, you may have to review your policy as most insurance providers do not cover such. 

4. The Cost Of Replacing The Entire Window 

If the damage is beyond repair, consider replacing your entire window. Such damages include having a hard time operating a window, rot on the window frame, and allowing water inside your house. There is no fixed cost for replacing a window. Factors that affect its pricing include: 

● Window Type 

One of the factors affecting the pricing difference is window type. The types available include: 

Single-Hung Windows:  They are fitted with two panes but only one can be opened. These costs between $50 and $100. 

Double-Hung Windows:  Since they come with double sashes which are both operable, their cost is relatively high. The prices range from $350 - $400. The installation labor for these windows is also higher than that of single-hung windows. 

Fixed-Pane:  They cannot be closed or opened. These windows cost from $50 to $100 

Bay windows: they help in adding space, allow more natural lighting, and add to a home’s aesthetics. Bay replacement windows cost from $500 to $500. 

Other factors that affect a window’s pricing include: 

● Type of the Material Used 
● Glass Type 

5. Can I Replace A Window Myself? 

DIY projects relating to window replacements are at times dangerous and have seen a couple people hospitalized from the injuries sustained. Some of the injuries are caused by poor handling of machinery or from falls. 

Instead of taking the risk, let the professional help you with the window replacement. Besides, they also provide you with a warranty, making the entire process totally risk free. 

6. Impact On Property Value 

There are high chances of installing your window incorrectly on DIY. This affects the value of your house especially when you are interested in selling it. Today’s consumers are informed and assess property before investing. If they notice your poorly installed windows, they definitely negotiate for a way low quote to compensate for the replacement windows cost. 

Wonderful Windows Replacement 

While replacing an old or broken window isn't always frugal, it's a smart investment that pays off in improved energy efficiency and increased property value. Keep these tips in mind when replacing your window at your home or property.

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