3 Print Advertising Examples to Inspire Ad Campaigns

top print advertising examples inspire ad campaigns

While it's no doubt that the world turns more digital each day, print advertising isn't going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, studies show that 82 percent of consumers trust print ads over any other medium. If you're a brand owner, it's important to harness the power that print campaigns hold. 

Not only do print campaigns capture the attention of their readers, but they also drive action for your brand. If you're unsure of how to approach a print campaign for your brand, have no fear. These print advertising examples will inspire with their incredible graphic design and copywriting. 

1. Jeep's Optical Illusions 

One of the most memorable, creative print campaigns of all time is Jeep's "See Whatever You Want To See" campaign. Made in 2013 by Leo Burnett advertising agency, this campaign continues to turn heads years later. 

This print campaign uses a shock factor with three separate images of different animals. At first glance, these seem like simple graphics of a giraffe, a doe, and an elephant. But when flipping the print ad upside down, three new animals are revealed. 

From a different point of view, readers can now see a penguin, a swan, and a sea-lion. When paired with the tagline, "See Whatever You Want To See," this optical illusion plays into Jeep's adventurous brand voice. 

These successful spreads inspire readers to see things from a more interesting perspective; From inside a Jeep. 

2. Thinking Small With Volkswagen 

Often thought of as the most successful print ad campaigns of all time, Volkswagen's Think Small advertisement is sure to inspire. Made by Doyle Dane Bernbach agency in 1959, its copywriting and design changed the future of advertising. 

When approached by Volkswagen to advertise the small, foreign Volkswagen Bug, DDB was bold and honest. In this print ad, the odd, quirky nuances of the VW Bug were described in transparency. Readers everywhere fell in love with a car that looked different from the high-end, large, fancy cars they were used to. 

This simple ad appeared in black and white print, another stark contrast from the other colorful ads at the time. This was another tactic used to turn heads and capture the attention of people across the US. 

3. Bonfire Red's Leaflet Campaign 

As a branding studio out of Columbus, Ohio, Bonfire Red used a unique leaflet format to give thanks during the holidays. Winning a silver award at the 2014 American Advertising Awards, this print work is one of a kind. 

On one side, this leaflet shared detailed information about lighting matches and making your own S'mores. On the other, it featured a beautiful fire graphic that read, "Thanks For Fueling Our Flame." This print piece was effective in capturing the hearts of Bonfire Red's clients and partners alike. 

Leaflets offer brands the opportunity to get creative and work with their versatile design. With leaflet delivery, your brand can make an impact when landing in your target's mailbox. 

Get Inspired by These Print Advertising Examples 

Now that you have learned about some of the top print advertising examples in the industry, what are you waiting for? Take this inspiration and start brainstorming about how you can use print to elevate your brand today. 

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