4 Reasons Why Print Marketing is Still Important

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Businesses trying to rebound from struggles over the past couple of years should be hard at work planning their next marketing campaigns. Putting some money into advertisements now is sure to translate into more business in the new year. Print marketing might not be your first choice, but it's worth considering. 

Take a look at these smart reasons to claim a spot in the print market. 

1. Catch Customers You'd Miss Online 

It's true that print media is less popular than it once was, but that doesn't mean that there aren't still many people who enjoy print newspapers and magazines. 

Older consumers remain attached to the medium. Younger consumers are more inclined to pay attention to print marketing materials than ads online, given the rise of sophisticated adblocking software. 

There has also been a lot of backlash over the last several years over sophisticated digital marketing and data. Some consumers are logging off or even going off the grid to avoid having their data collected and sold to advertisers.

2. Need to Boost Trust? Try Print Ads 

If you need evidence of how much people trust online ads, all you have to do is look at the wide range of ad blocking software on the market. Web ads have a bad reputation due to bad actors using them to spread malware. 

Print market strategies, on the other hand, have a higher trust value. People tend to trust ads more when they're on paper or TV. 

Part of the appeal is that they can't give you a virus. There's also a common perception that newspapers, like TV stations and streaming providers, have a higher bar for the things they advertise. That's not true in all cases, but the cost of advertising in print. 

If that sounds expensive and puts you off the idea, don't worry. Print advertisements cost more than online ads in most cases, but they're still affordable—more so if you're advertising in your hometown paper instead of with a giant like the New York Times. 

3. Print Marketing is Ideal for Local Advertisement 

One major advantage of putting ads on paper is how much reach they give you for local marketing. 

It's true that digital location technology makes it possible to run local ads on platforms like Hulu. Yet, people are more privacy-savvy these days and often use VPNs. In those cases, they won't see ads for their area at all but instead ads for wherever the VPN signals they are. 

With print advertisement, there's little chance that your reader isn't a local unless you're printing ads in a major newspaper distributed all over the country or world. 

4. Connect With People Who See Your Ads 

One of the trickiest parts of running a successful marketing campaign is forming a connection with people who see your ads—or hear them, depending on the medium. 

Print marketing gives you a leg up because people often feel stronger connections to ads printed on paper than they do to ads on a screen. The sensory aspect is what clinches the deal. Print marketing design shares a lot with online ad design, but the feel and smell of paper is one thing you can never replace. 

Get Business Going Strong and Save More Money 

These reasons print marketing is still valuable show you why investing in print ads is worth the investment. If you want more budget-friendly advertising tips or tricks you can't afford to miss in the new year, take a look around the Bootstrap Business Blog. 

We have everything you need to strengthen your business and save money while doing it. Click on another article today to learn about all the possibilities you have with print marketing and other effective advertising tactics.

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