Considerations Of Planning Permission When Building Your Garden Office

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Garden Rooms Sussex examine what you need to do to build a Garden Office Sussex this year. 

If you are in the UK and you want to erect a new structure on your property, it is a requirement that your plans get approved by the local authority. The good news is that in most instances you will not need this approval when putting up a garden room. This is because in most cases it falls under "permitted development" rights. It's essential to do the right tree and ecological surveys so you can get planning permission fast. Luckily Arbtech can take care of this for you so you should visit their website to find out more.

Here are the considerations of planning permission when building a garden room. 


If the structure is less than 2 metres from a boundary, the height of the structure from the bottom to the top of the roof should not go beyond 2.5 metres. If it goes beyond this then you will need special approval. 

If you can build more than 2 metres from any of the boundaries, the overall height depends on the shape of the roof. If it is a dual pitch, maximum height is 4 metres. For any other type of roof, height should not be more than 3 metres. 

Is The Property A House? 

If your property is a flat, maisonette or any other construction that is not a house, you will need special approval. Or if the structure was previously not a house but it later on got converted to a house, you do not have development rights. 

This means the house as it was first built. 

Location Of The House 

If your house is located in a conservation area, then you will not be allowed to put up a structure on the side of your house without approval. The structure should be directly at the back of your house. 

Designated Land 

Approval is needed if the property is located in a national park, areas of outstanding natural beauty or world heritage site. 

Size Of The Structure 

According to building regulations, the maximum floor space of the construction should not exceed 30 square metres. If you want more floor space, get the required approval. Alternatively, consider having more than one structure. 

Moreover, the construction should not take up more than half of your garden

Proximity To Neighbours And Road 

According to building regulations, you need to leave at least a distance of 1 metre between the boundary that separates you and your neighbour. In addition, the boundary should be made from non flammable material. 

Also, if you want the structure to be closer to the road than the front of your house, approval is required. 

Cannot Be Living Quarters 

The structure should not be used as a separate living quarter or have a new address. 

It should also not be used as a sleeping accommodation. 

Listed Property 

Listed structures are deemed to be of national importance. Therefore, there are increased rules surrounding them, therefore you will need approval to make any development on the property. However, this should not discourage you, as approval for garden rooms have been provided for some listed properties. 

Considerations Conclusion 

The structures fall under class E of permitted development rules. This means that you have pre-approved planning permission as long as you adhere to the limits and conditions put in place.

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