The importance Of First Call Resolution (FCR) For Your Customer's Satisfaction

importance first call resolution fcr customer service call center

One of the most important things for an online store is its Call Center's capacity: customer service, which serves to explain to customers the information requested and solve problems and quickly. 

For this reason, the resolution of the first call or the First Call Resolution (FCR) is a fundamental strategy not only for the better acceptance of your business in the market but a metric that will reflect customer satisfaction a lot. 

What Is First Call Resolution 

The resolution in the customer's first contact means that the problem or consumer demand was fully answered and solved in the first call. A repeated call is unnecessary, not wasting the employees' time to solve the problem and not making the customer more apprehensive about solving what was requested. 

The FCR occurs when the team does not open an internal call to resolve the situation demanded, creating a pending customer service issue. Therefore, the FCR is one of the best measures of customer service quality, providing immediate satisfaction. 

Where to apply FCR Of course, most customers want to see their requests decided as quickly as possible to avoid further future contacts and transfer to other agents. This influences the perception of the person's quality concerning the company's service, which cannot be guided only by the average service time, but in offering the authentic solution to the customer's problem. For this reason, FCR can, and should, be used in the most diverse types of customer service: from support services to after-sales actions. 

How To Measure FCR In Your Online Store 

The measurement of the FCR in your organization can be done through questioning through forms, calls, or emails made to the customers themselves. In other words, the ideal FCR should be viewed and organized, always taking into account the customer perspective. The team training becomes a primary factor for the good functioning of this strategy so that the manager needs to identify those most common cases and that can be easily decided in the first contact by phone or email. 

Consultation materials and patterns of internal chores can be made available for attendants to resolve demands. It is essential that the resolutions are harmonious, no matter if they are made via email, phone calls, or social media. 

Why It Is So Important To Have An Efficient FCR 

It is not just because it considerably increases customer satisfaction that an efficient FCR is relevant to the company. A well-designed strategy in this area will add value to the business to bring consumers into new purchases and boost their greater market share, retain old customers and increase the repurchase rate of those who have already been customers. The company will also greatly reduce the expenses it has due to the postponement of telephone calls and the extensive flows of internal procedures. 

An entrepreneur must have a vision of the future and anticipate issues that customers may bring to their call center. Therefore, the service must be focused on customers and their eventual demands. Thus, the FCR can be a highly successful market differential for satisfying your customers and repositioning your store in the market.

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