How to Hire Seasonal Workers Without a Hassle

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Did you know that it costs more than a quarter of a million dollars to find and hire new employees? If you have been on a role of hiring seasonal workers that are wrong for the role and are sick and tired of making this mistake, we are here to help. You might want to consider reaching out to a staffing solution that can help you with temp and seasonal employees. 

Keep reading to learn our top tips on hiring temporary staffing and seasonal workers. 

1. Connect With a Staffing Firm 

When you are looking to hire seasonal workers you want to have a good relationship with a recruiter. A reputable staffing company will understand what the job candidate marketplace is in your city and in your industry. They will usually have a database with thousands or millions of job seekers that you would not have access to finding on your own. 

A staffing firm will make it easier to evaluate and hire people because they will take care of these details. This will save you plenty of time in the long run. Thankfully staffing firms are also up with the times and they can help you find either remote workers or on-site help. 

2. Make an Offer 

You want to be ready to make an offer when you are hiring seasonal help. A recruiting company can also work with you so that you can offer a potential employee compensation that will meet the market standard. Of course, you will want to take their experience, the required skills, and the performance expectations into consideration. 

3. Setting Expectations 

It is extremely important to set very clear expectations with temporary workers. If you choose to work with a staffing agency let them know of the time frame and the expectations for the workers. Job candidates need to know this information during the job interview to make sure everyone is on the same page. 

We highly recommend taking the time out to write a job description with all the details for the position. Use this to go over with the seasonal employee on the first day and make sure that you stick to the detailed job description instead of giving the seasonal worker random assignments that have to get done on the day of. 

Something that is great about hiring seasonal workers is that you can see how they work and perform. If their job opens up for a full time position in the future you can evaluate how they worked in their seasonal role and take them on as full time employees without going through the interview hassle again. 

Ready to Hire Seasonal Workers Without the Hassle? 

We hope that now that you know more about saving time when it comes to hiring seasonal workers, interns, or temps, you can start looking for the perfect staffing agency for you. 

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