Events to Remember: A Simple Event Planning Checklist

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Are you trying to throw the perfect event? Party and event planning is a lot of fun, but it isn't easy, especially if this is your first time. 

You have a lot to think about as an event planner and only a limited amount of time. How do you even get started planning your events? Can you throw the event of your dreams without being an expert? 

We think that anyone can plan an event with the right event planning checklist. You don't have to be a professional to create an event that everyone will love. Keep reading for our quick event planning guide to get started. 

Know Your Budget 

How much are you able to spend on this event? Whether you are throwing a lavish wedding, a small birthday party, or a corporate convention, you need to know what your budget is so you don't run into roadblocks later on. 

Make a list of the things that you need for the event and the things that you want. Needs are things like the venue and potential food, while wants are things like decorations and entertainment (this varies depending on the type of event). Kids birthday party food and supplies are especially crucial to avoid  allergies and fits.

While all things will be purchased, focus on the needs first for your events. 

Pick and Share the Date 

The next thing that you need to do is set a date for your event and share it with the attendees. You should tell people well ahead of time when the event is taking place so they are able to plan for it. 

Make sure that you run the date by any crucial attendees or helpers so there are no conflicts. 

Find the Perfect Venue 

Hunting for the right venue is hard. You have to find the perfect place that also has availability for your desired event date. 

Take into consideration the needs of your event. If you have some form of entertainment, is there room for it at this venue? Is there room for any dancing? Does the venue allow for food or even a bar? 

Make sure you and the owner of the venue are on the same page and don't be afraid to ask questions before you commit. 

Delegate Tasks 

You're not trying to do this alone, are you? When you're planning a party as a non-professional, it's important to delegate tasks to others so you don't overwhelm yourself. 

Make small checklists for the people on your team. It's helpful to assign one or two people to a specific kind of task, like arranging entertainment or finding food options. This keeps people on track and allows you to focus on bringing the whole thing together. 

Arrange Fine Details 

Once the major problems are taken care of, it's time to focus on the smaller (but no less important) aspects of event planning. 

These are things like food and decorations. How will your space be decorated? Do you need to find affordable wholesale linens, candles, or floral details for your tables? 

While these are surface details, they still matter on your event planning checklist. 

Follow This Event Planning Checklist for Success 

When you find yourself struggling, refer to this event planning checklist to see if you are on the right track. Event planning isn't easy, but if you break it down into parts, you will throw the event of a lifetime. 

Good luck with your company event planning. It will be an event to remember!

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