How to Design a Business Sign to Capture Your Brand

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When you're trying to do what's best for your business, marketing should always be at the forefront of your mind. What you might not know is that your business sign is one of the most important parts of marketing that you can key in on. 

Creating the perfect sign will help you learn how to convey brand image and master advertising for business before even getting into the more complex marketing methods. Thankfully, there are plenty of sign companies that would be happy to help you. 

But how can you design the perfect sign? We're glad you asked about company signage strategies. 

Read on to learn how to design a business sign that works. 

1. Make Sure to Provide Contrast 

You have to provide contrast to make your sign more readable. Most people will only give you a few seconds of their time to read your sign and decipher what it's trying to convey. 

When you create contrast between the fonts, colors, designs, graphics, materials, and other aspects, it makes reading the sign far easier for people and brings the message home. 

2. Choose the Right Size and Location for the Sign 

You also have to set the sign up in the right location to be easily perceived. Make sure that it is displayed prominently, and that it is the perfect size for people to easily read. 

Scope out the dimensions that you need and find out about the code requirements for the area where the sign will be erected. 

3. Pick an Eye-Catching Font 

Font matters a lot. Not only does it help you stand apart from the rest, but different fonts also convey different moods and feelings. 

There are companies that can set you up with a custom font that also makes your brand more unique. Find a company that can assist you with what you're looking for. Top printing companies are well-versed in helping customers with all kinds of sign needs. 

4. Select Color Schemes That Accomplish Your Goal 

There is plenty of psychology involved in the colors that you choose. Different colors evoke different emotions from people, so you should choose colors that accomplish your goal. 

Aside from that, the colors should be sharp and eye-catching so that people stop what they're doing and pay attention to your sign. 

5. Dare to Be Different 

The sky is the limit with the kind of sign that you create. With that in mind, work through some marketing and design principles to choose whatever kind of sign is unique. 

Don't feel the need to play it safe. You want to create a sign that people tell their friends and family members about. This builds plenty of brand equity and will help you get your money's worth out of the sign. 

Design a Business Sign That Works for You 

If you design a business sign with care and impeccability, it will help your business more than you know. These tips will help you get started so that you can create the perfect sign for your company. 

Let us be your resource when you want to learn more about business signage and print marketing. Keep reading Bootstrap Business for more business sign design tips including billboards and banners.

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