How Much Does a Mattress Cost? A Price Guide On 5 Mattress Types

how much does a mattress cost price guide different types pricing

Sleeping is an issue in America. It's been found that nearly half of all Americans struggle to sleep on weeknights. Stress, sugar, workaholic tendencies, and endless amounts of caffeine aren't helping. 

There could be any number of reasons for this, from too much media to a bad mattress. Sometimes, the mattress cost keeps you from getting the best one. 

Mattress prices vary quite a bit, and some of the truly luxurious ones can be very expensive. The good news is that there are some more affordable options, and many of those are quite comfortable. 

We'll offer a price guide on various mattresses in this article so you can decide which mattress is right for you. 

1. Innerspring Mattress 

Innerspring mattresses are often the most affordable type of mattress. You can often get one for under $200. However, there's a reason these mattresses are sold at such low prices. 

Innerspring mattresses are often very low-quality. Poorly-made spring mattresses can cause back pain. 

However, not everyone will have trouble with a spring mattress, and spring mattresses do have their upsides. Since the mattress is supported by springs, there's a lot of extra space for air to circulate. This can keep the mattress cool. 

The springs are also capable of supporting more weight, which is great if you don't like to sink into the mattress or are on the heavier side. When buying a mattress, don't immediately turn your nose up at an innerspring. They can surprise you. 

2. Memory Foam 

For those with a slightly higher budget, there's memory foam. Unlike spring mattresses, memory foam isn't designed to support body weight, but to absorb it. 

Sinking down into a soft mattress isn't for everybody, but it can be very comfortable for some of us. It's also great if you're sharing a bed because the foam absorbs movement, which means less vibrations and sound. This means that if your partner is tossing and turning all night, it won't affect you. 

Memory foam is also a fairly long-lasting material, so mattresses can last several years. Many of them can be kept for a decade. 

Plus, while they cost a bit more than innerspring, they're still fairly low in terms of mattress prices

However, in addition to being a bit more expensive, they can also be too soft. Heavier individuals will sink deeper into the mattress, which can be very uncomfortable. 

Being a solid material, memory foam doesn't allow much air to filter through. Unfortunately, this can cause the mattress to get too hot, and be very heavy. 

3. Latex 

Latex is a type of rubber that can be made either from tree sap or man-made materials. It's a bit more firm than memory foam, while still being soft. 

They also have a bit of bounce to them, which helps support your weight and awakens the child in all of us. Since you're not being enveloped by the mattress, you're exposed to a lot more air. This helps keep the mattress cool. 

If you're one of the many Americans who suffer from allergies or a compromised immune system, latex is a great choice. Latex is a difficult material for molds, bed bugs and other pests to live in, so you're much less likely to encounter them. It can be a smart choice for sleepers suffering from allergies.

How much does a latex mattress cost? Latex mattresses usually cost about $1,000, and they can get even more expensive than that. Unless you've got a lot of money to throw around, latex may not be the right choice. 

4. Hybrid 

Hybrid mattresses attempt to be the best of both worlds, combining the stability of an innerspring mattress with a few layers of memory foam to cushion you from the springs. 

It doesn't offer the same amount of bounce like a spring mattress or a latex mattress, but it does bounce a bit. The use of springs also provides space for air to flow through and keeps you from sinking too far into the mattress. 

The result is that they tend to be a lot cooler than pure memory foam mattresses. It should be noted that the combination of materials makes the mattress quite heavy, so you might struggle to get it into your bedroom. 

Much like latex mattresses, hybrids tend to be costly. They usually sell for at least $1000, and sometimes a few thousand. 

Plus, you can get roughly the same effect by getting an innerspring mattress and a memory foam mattress topper. This mattress option may cost you $500 or less. 

5. Air Mattress 

You've probably used an air mattress at some point in your life. Some of them are very high-end and can be used like any other mattress. In terms of cost, though, these are similar in price to latex and hybrid beds, and may even cost more. 

However, the most common ones are low-priced camping beds. These weren't designed to be permanent or even long-lasting beds, but they can be comfortable when they need to be. They could even be used on the ground as safe first toddler beds as they get used to sleeping out of their crib.

Plus, being filled with air, the mattress is much easier to adjust than other mattresses. If you like a firm bed, fill it up with more air. Conversely, you can make the bed softer by adding less air to the mattress. 

Mattress Cost and What Your Money Buys 

We've talked a lot about the various types of mattresses and the average mattress cost in this article. However, the truth is that there's not always one answer to which is the best. What works for you might be unbearable for someone else. 

If possible, ask someone that owns the mattress that has a similar build to you and check their experience sleeping on it.

The truth is that it's best to shop around and see what you like for mattresses, and what fits your budget. If you can visit a mattress store to try out the mattresses, even if you don't buy it at that store, that will help you make an educated decision.

If you want more information on various aspects of mattress cost, please visit more of our blog posts. We publish a wide variety of helpful articles on mattresses, bedroom design, improving your sleeping, and avoiding burnout.

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