Key Physical Components Of A Good Mattress To Consider For Eliminating Health Issues

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The benefits of sleeping in a good mattress are many and varied. It not only ensures a sound sleep but also eliminates the chances of developing any pain or other medical conditions. Therefore, you are requested not to go for any type of mattresses by its physical properties only but read the full mattress review before you finalize on any one. 

The Significant Physical Components 

There are a few physical components that you should consider while looking at the important features of the mattress. This will make sure that you get hands on, or sleep on to be precise, most high quality mattresses. 

 Springs And Coils 

These are the two most significant physical components of a mattress. Proper springs and coils installed in the mattress will provide proper back support as required. This will ensure that your spine retains the desired shape and therefore eliminate the chances of developing any pain in the morning as well as in the long run. 

 The Wires 

There will be wires used to make the coils as well and these can come in a wide range of thicknesses. This thickness, known as gauge, actually represents in opposite manner meaning lower the gauge number means a thicker and stiffer wire and vice versa. These types of wires when used in the manufacturing of the mattress will make it firmer. If there is a higher concentration of steel coils in the mattress it will indicate that the mattress is of a very high quality. 

 The Number Factor 

However, it does not mean that a mattress with the highest number will be the best. Therefore, if you suffer from any specific medical condition then you should consult a doctor before you select a specific type of mattress as well as use your own judgment. This will ensure that you choose the mattress that will best suit your purpose and provide the desired support and relaxation to help alleviate your low back pain. 


Mattress padding is another important physical component to consider. This provides the desired comfort to your muscles, ligaments and even to your bones. The padding types and thickness on top of the spring coils in a mattress will indicate the quality of it. Typically, mattress padding is made of specific materials such as polyurethane foam, cotton batting or puffed-up polyester. A mattress with excessive padding will be more comfortable but will be more expensive as well. 

However, it is worth paying extra for a good mattress especially when it is related with your health and sleep quality. 

Choosing The Right Manufacturer 

Apart from the physical components of the mattress, it is also required that you choose the right brand or manufacturer to make the right choice. While selecting a manufacturer do not go by the name value and price of the mattress but look at the quality of the mattresses that they produce. 

Research well on the web and read the mattress reviews of their website as well as those posted in trusted and dedicated third party review sites.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about the key characteristics of a good mattress for eliminating health issues and improving sleep quality.

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