3 Helpful Office Organization Tips

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You spend hours a day in your workspace and it's important to take the time you spend there seriously. We're all busy and you might think that taking the time to get organized will get in the way of the tasks you need to get done. 

However, you might need to consider how much time is being lost over the course of days and weeks due to your disorganization itself. The more organized you are, the more efficient and productive you can be. 

What are some office organization tips and tricks you should be considering? Read on and we'll walk you through what you need to know for organizing your workplace. 

1. Don't Be a Hoarder 

Generally speaking, most of us likely wouldn't end up on an episode of the popular show Hoarders. At least we hope so, especially in the age of Coronavirus cleaning necessity! 

However, many of us also don't carry this mentality over to our workspaces. In our work lives only, every paper and item could be potentially important down the line. 

We're hesitant to purge and get rid of things. It's an issue of control for a lot of people, along with fear of letting go. This can become an issue as objects and paperwork accumulate over time: physically and digitally. 

The number one thing you can do to increase your productivity at work is to do a strong purge of your workspace. Get rid of everything you won't need in the future. Be ruthless when cutting the clutter and organizing your work space. 

If it is too overwhelming to get started, consider taking it one area of your workspace at a time. This can make it more manageable to handle. Do your desk, your drawer, and then your hard drive. 

2. Revise Your System 

Now that you're free of all that clutter and mess that was getting in your way originally, it's time to take a second look at your current organizational system. Is there an order in place that is allowing you to do your best? 

If no, it might be time to invent or re-invent one. Create a series of folders in person or on your computer (or both) that makes sense for the work that you do. Really think through your system before you do it. Make sure you're developing something that will work for you, not just something you're copying from the internet. 

You might need to invest in shelving units or other organization tools to help you space out your system in a way that makes sense. 

3. Label Everything 

The simplest mistake that many workers make is forgetting to label things. If that isn't the issue, it's likely that they label things poorly. 

If you can invest in a good label maker, you can use it all the time to keep your space organized. Label shelves, bins, baskets, and anything that you are using to create your new system. 

This can help to avoid making mistakes or having you toss things anywhere once work gets hectic. It will also be beneficial if you have co-workers that sometimes enter your space. It will be easier for them to find or put away things for you. 

Office Organization Tips and Tricks 

Being on top of your home office organization is important for productivity as well as mental and physical health. If you take the above office organization tips and tricks into consideration, you can help create a workspace that will allow you to do your best. 

Need more office organization ideas? Keep scrolling our blog for more workplace advice for cutting the clutter and keeping it clean.

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