3 Cost-Effective Ways To Boost Startup Sales

cost-effective ways boost startup sales

Every business no matter its size would love to be able to grow its sales. But it is even more critical when it comes to startups. This is a make-or-break time for many of them, but most do not have the same marketing budget as the more established competition. That doesn’t mean, however, that they can’t compete. All they have to do is be more resourceful and focus more of their efforts on methods that require less money. 

Let’s take a look at 3 cost-effective ways to boost your startup’s sales. 

1. Outsource Your Sales 

Why bother will all the hard work, trial and error of running your own sales team when you could hire someone else? If youare in the B2B sector, B2B sales outsourcing could benefit you in a large number of ways. 

First, these are people who will have years and even decades of experience in sales. They have done and seen it all. Also, you won’t have to worry about hiring the right people, which can be difficult when you don’t have a true understanding of sales. Last, there are much fewer chances that you will end up burning your budget on techniques that are obsolete or not optimal for your product or brand. 

2. Use A CRM System 

If you aren’t using CRM software in your business and you have a growing client base, then you will eventually hit a wall. You will start losing touch with your clients and your service team will seem scattered when answering queries. Not only that, but a CRM system will allow you to do some segmentation, which is essential if you want to tighten up your sales processes. 

Segmentation will allow you to identify exactly where each of your clients and top prospects are in the sales process. If they are ready to buy, then you will need to use a different approach than if they have just been introduced to your brand. You can segment based on how much people have bought from you and concentrate on them. You can also try to encourage old clients to return if you notice they haven’t been buying from you in a while. 

3. Use Email Marketing 

The perfect tool to use in conjunction with a CRM system is email marketing. This is probably the single most cost-effective marketing method any business can use. If you manage to keep people on your list interested with good resources and offers, you will have the opportunity to reach thousands of them in seconds and on a dime. Segmentation is also very important. You could have a list for people who just signed up and one for regulars. You can also use integration tools like PieSync to transfer contacts from your CRM to your mailing lists and vice versa. You can also use software to send personalized emails with special offers for specific clients based on their current and previous purchases. 


These are all ways that you could boost sales in your organization without breaking the bank. We would suggest that you give all of those a closer look and consider using them in your CRM and business selling strategy.

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