5 Commercial Office Paint Color Ideas To Improve Productivity And Mood

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Did you know that color psychology is real and the colors around you can really affect your mood? This means that the colors you choose for your place of business can really affect the tone and mood of everyone in the office. We have put together a few commercial office paint color ideas to help you choose the perfect colors for you and your staff. 

Keep reading to learn more about the 5 best paint colors for a commercial office after cleaning and preparing the wall surfaces

1. Blue 

Colors like light blue and teal will help everyone in the office feel more relaxed and calm. If you have a business that creates a lot of high pressure among everyone or that is stressful you might want to consider opting for light blue colors. 

A navy blue shade will give a bold attractive look while boosting everyone's focus and efficiency in the office. This is a pretty common commercial painting services option because it can easily be matched with grey colors if you want to add a bit of neutrality. 

Lighter blues will promote concentration and tranquility and darker, stronger blues will help stimulate thought. 

2. Purple 

Believe it or not, purple is becoming more popular in offices as an accent wall. Realtor's are opting for light purple or light lavender to have a bold color that stands out but is still subtle. Some attorneys are using dark purple on a wall or two for a bold accent color that makes a statement. 

3. Green 

Another soothing color is green and it also helps increase efficiency and focus. It gives people a sense of well-being because it is a color that is commonly associated with nature. Green is also a color that is less straining on the human eyes as well, which makes this perfect for anyone working long hours. 

4. Yellow 

If you want a sense of happiness around the workplace then yellow might be your go-to color. Yellow will give everyone a sense of creativity along with a sense of happiness. Yellow also has the ability to boost self-esteem, optimism, and confidence. 

Keep in mind that painting too many walls yellow can be too much and create an overwhelming feeling which will have the opposite effect of joy. 

5. Black 

Black is a bold but popular paint option because it communicates sophistication. You can pull off black walls as long as you have contrasting furniture and accessories in light colors like white. Black can make employees work more efficiently in a space where they feel a sense of glamour. It can be a risky choice for some workplaces, but a black paint choice could be a winner for your work space.

Which Commercial Office Paint Color Ideas Will You Choose? 

We hope that after reading our guide above you can now make an informed decision on your favorite commercial office paint color ideas. You can put thought into your color scheme and make sure that you choose commercial office paint that will increase productivity or creativity among everyone. 

Did this article on commercial office paint color choices help you out today? Please continue to browse the rest of this section to catch all of our latest office design and interior decor tips.

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