5 Benefits Of Recycling For Business

benefits of recycling for business

Sixty-nine million tons of waste was recycled last year, with paper and cardboard accounting for 67% of that. There has been a steady rise of waste being recycled every year, especially as the threats of climate change have become more apparent and dire. 

Because businesses use so much waste, accounting for a big chunk of that paper, it is essential that they participate in recycling programs. In fact, it can be lucrative for your business and even end up saving you money, among many other benefits. 

If you are looking to discover the 5 benefits of recycling for your business, continue reading below now! 

1. Financial Benefits 

As stated above, creating a recycling program can both make you money and save you money, meaning there is really no downfall here. If you create a centralized recycling program, you can reduce janitorial fees because they will no longer have to go desk to desk to collect the trash. 

This means they can clean other aspects of your business that you may have been paying for. Or, you can put that money towards other sustainability projects. This could end up saving you money as well, such as changing all your lighting to LED. 

If you decide to create a recycling program, you might be able to sell your recyclable waste and earn back money for it. Cardboard and paper are worth more than you probably realize. This money can finance your recycling program and most likely cause you to end up making even more. 

Research the market value of your recyclables in your region and see what you can make back! 

2. Improved Company Image 

Going green and recycling can get you more customers, and more customers who care, because many people are concerned with sustainability. This is one of the best reasons to recycle because it can add to your marketing strategies and ESG scores. 

Switching to recycling while incorporating sustainable practices can make your customers value your company more and choose you over a less sustainable company. You will build an excellent reputation, and depending on the type of business you have, you could even get your customers involved. 

If you provide products that could eventually be recycled, consider setting up a program that allows your customers to get a reduced fee on their next product if they recycle their old one. This will help your business stand out, draw in new customers, and help the environment all at once. 

3. Attract High-Quality Employees 

Just as you attract more customers with your recycling habits, you will also attract high-quality employees and increase your employee retention rate. Employees, especially younger ones, demand that the business they work for is green and sustainable. 

Having employees that care about recycling, and implementing that into your business, can ensure that your employees also care about your business. If they are already recycling at home, they will be more likely to be proud of who they work for. They will potentially even work harder knowing that their employer cares about the things they also care about. 

It also shows that your business cares more than just trying to make a profit. Recycling is a worldwide effort to help the environment. Even if you didn’t gain anything other than that, it means you care for something bigger than your business. Showing this to your employees could increase morale and attitudes, keeping them working there longer and harder for your company. 

4. Protect Your Company’s Data 

If you have ever looked into electronics recycling, you probably know it can be more complicated than recycling other things. Most businesses have tons of electronics, and with it, private company data. It can be unclear and confusing when you are trying to dispose of electronics, but it doesn’t have to be. 

When electronics end up in landfills, they can become more harmful than other waste products. Learning how to dispose of them properly and teaching your employees how to as well can prevent this from occurring. 

It can also prevent your company data from being breached because proper disposal means erasing all electronics completely. If you set this up within your business, you never have to worry again about where your old electronics end up. 

5. Help The Environment 

As stated above, and maybe the most obvious of all the benefits, one of the best reasons to recycle is because it helps the environment. As the effects of climate change become more severe, businesses might need to change how they operate. Getting on board early can help your business in the long run. 

Recycling saves energy. It takes less energy to recycle products than it does to create the same recycled products from scratch. It diverts waste from landfills, which are getting overrun, and most things at them aren’t biodegradable. 

And, of course, it helps save trees, which helps combat climate change. Trees breathe in and hold carbon dioxide, a significant greenhouse gas, and breath out oxygen, which is essential for us to live. Recycling one ton of paper saves seventeen trees. Which, when you look at the statistic at the beginning of this recycling article, can build up and make a huge difference. 

The Bottom Line On Business Benefits Of Recycling 

The benefits of recycling within your business are abundant and clear. Having a great recycling program will take more work than doing the bare minimum. But, your business, your employees, and the environment will thrive when you pay a little more attention to where your waste is going. 

You may even get more money and more customers for it, so what are you waiting for? Try to implement a recycling program for your business today! Then, check out more of our articles for all things related to green business and recycling.

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