6 Affordable Commercial Landscaping Ideas

attract customers affordable commercial landscaping

Commercial landscaping is an industry experiencing growth. Recent reports show customers depend on landscapers to attract people to their businesses. Demand is still high for your landscaping services. 

There are some commercial landscaping ideas that can set you apart from the competition. Read on for 6 simple landscaping ideas to thrill your customers and grow your business. 

1. Focus On Simple 

Sometimes cheap landscaping ideas make the most significant difference. One of the least expensive and easiest ways to make your customers' landscape look better is weed management. It improves the visual appeal and keeps a lawn or garden area healthy. 

Speaking of weeds, many commercial landscapers feel lost in the weeds when managing the financial matters of their business. Consider outsourcing your accounting and bookkeeping. Visit your local accountant to determine how you can focus on growing your commercial landscaping services while someone else manages the financial concerns. 

2. Think Sustainability 

Low-growing plants and wildflowers are sustainable landscaping ideas that are inexpensive and beneficial. Creating large areas with these types of plantings is good for the environment and reduces your mowing and maintenance time. Look for ways to incorporate low-maintenance plants and grasses in rooftop gardens for green spaces in urban settings. 

3. Robotic Mowers Are Ready For Commercial Landscaping 

Homeowners have purchased robot lawn mowers for more than a decade. Today's technology has advanced to make them a viable option for commercial purposes, too. You can set a robotic mower to attend to one section of a field or lawn while you handle another area. 

This doubles the amount of work you can perform in the same amount of time. Some robotic mowers can be programmed to remember areas to mow at various locations to save even more time. 

4. Outdoor Workspaces 

As more people work remotely or choose to take their work outdoors, there is a need for outdoor office spaces. Customers are looking for landscaped areas with gardens, trees, and other natural amenities to create comfortable places to work. Share rock landscaping ideas to make terraced areas or trees to give employees some privacy when needed. 

5. Move Past The Green Stuff 

From office parks to restaurants, nothing is more calming than the sound of a water feature. Adding water to a commercial landscape doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. 

Small waterfalls, decorative brooks, or ponds add ambiance and atmosphere to any landscape. 

6. High Growth Commercial Properties 

Commercial landscaping businesses are poised for growth. As companies shift their strategies to attract customers and retain employees, the right landscaping can make all the difference. Implement some simple and inexpensive ideas to help grow your own business. 

Routine weeding of planting beds is a quick and easy way to make a good impression. Explore ways to help customers create attractive water features and sustainable garden areas. The more ways you can help your customers grow, the easier it will be to grow your own business. 


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