Why Confined Space Medicals Is Good for Business

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If your business operates in a confined space, there are specific hazards associated with operations, which might result in loss of life or illnesses. Over a decade ago, 89 people died from injuries related to working in a confined space in the US. The number of confined space deaths keeps rising each year, and it was 168 in early 2023. 

The most significant risk factor in confined spaces is the movement restrictions. Confined space medicals provide risk assessment and occupational risk assessment to improve productivity and determine sustainability to work. 

Risks Associated With Confined Space Operations 

1. Poor Air Quality 

The air quality in a confined space might be of such low quality that it poses a health risk. Things like low oxygen levels and toxic gases are examples of threats to confined space operations. Breathing noxious gases may result in respiratory distress and death. Workers in high altitudes require a high altitude health test before the assignment of duties. 

2. Chemical Exposure 

Skin contact with such chemicals can result in irritation, corrosion, burns, and skin cancer. There is also the risk of inhalation and ingestion which could have severe health implications. 

3. Fire Hazard 

The presence of flammable liquids could lead to an explosion once ignited. Such explosions could result in the loss of life and property. 

4. Physical And Safety Hazards 

Workers are at risk of injury from moving machine parts, slips or falls, and entanglement. Low lighting, radiation, extreme cold or heat, and noise could contribute to a health hazard. The presence of dust particles or smoke might affect visibility and increase occupational risks. 

Services Provided By Confined Space Medicals Worksite Medicals 

Medical professionals at the site of risky projects provide immediate attention to emergencies. Workers are quickly assessed and certified, ready to work in minutes. You might want to choose a confined space medical team familiar with your field of work and area. If you have a company based in Brisbane, then looking at providers of occupational health in Brisbane might be a good idea. 

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Occupational Risk Consulting 

To solve certain problems specific to your workplace, you might need to consult occupational health consultants. They would assess the risks and provide advice on the best ways to ensure your workers' safety. 

Occupational Hygiene And Preventative Health 

Your confined space medicals team assesses the exposure of workers to health hazards and provides practical and sustainable solutions. 

Remote Assistance 

Your confined medical team might provide you with remote medical assistance in response to illnesses and medical issues. 

Employment Health Assessment 

Confined space medicals provide Pre-employment assessments, high altitude medical tests, health risk assessments, drug testing, alcohol testing, and much more medical. 

Medical Assessment Process 

The medical assessment ensures that employees do not have any underlying illnesses that could cause them or their coworkers harm. The review takes approximately 50 mins and involves the following. 

●      The team gives out questionnaires to employees to check for psychological issues such as being claustrophobic or having cardiac disease. 

●      The process includes checking the employee's body index, including mass, hip measurement, and height. 

●      Measurement of blood pressure. 

●      The employees participate in a visual screening of far and near to determine eyesight level. 

●      Standard urine tests to  evaluate sugar level and protein level 

●      Your workers might have to participate in a Lung function test to know their lungs' strength and identify workers fit to work in particular sites. 

●      The team conducts tests of hearing for each person to determine their hearing abilities. 

●      You might answer particular confined-space related questions. 

●      The team examines the employee's musculoskeletal system. 

●      You receive a full report of recommendations and restrictions. 

Confined Spaces Conclusion 

Ensuring the health and safety of workers in a confined space is essential to productivity. Occupational health consultants contribute to reducing occupational risks and provide risk assessment services. Your confined space medical provider might also provide you with onsite assistance for emergencies.

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