5 Workplace Safety Tips to Keep Your Staff Safe

workplace safety tips keep staff safe employee security

Over 2 million people die each year from work-related incidents. This does not account for the millions of injuries and illnesses, ranging from mild to severe, that continuously affect employees left to work in unsafe environments. 

People should not fear their workspace. As an employer, you should keep employee safety as a top priority. 

Read on to learn 5 important workplace safety tips for keeping your staff safe. 

1. Assess the Risks 

What you do not know can hurt them! Learn the occupational risks that arise from your place of employment. 

Once you run a proper risk assessment, you will understand what can harm your employees and who may get harmed. This puts you in a good position to implement appropriate safety procedures. 

2. Train All Employees 

Once you understand the risks at hand, make your workers privy to the information. Bring any potential hazards to their attention and then provide proper training on how to avoid illness, injury, and/or death. 

Do not take employee training lightly. Every employee should promptly receive training when they get hires. 

Employees should also go through training as updates occur, and they should receive annual refresher courses. 

Safety training should not get brushed over or treated as an afterthought. Test employees to ensure they know how to protect themselves and what to do in the case of emergencies. 

3. Label With Important Safety Signs 

After you teach people about the hazards, expect that they will not remember everything. Take the initiative to clearly label any hazard zones, safety stations, and important precautions around the worksite. 

This includes but is not limited to: 

• Slip risks 
• Eyewash stations 
• Hard hat zones 
• Falling objects 
• Hand washing reminders 
• Noise hazards 
• Fire exits 

You can never put something over the label. This protects your employees from mishaps and you from legal and financial obligations. 

4. Keep Things Clean 

You do not only need to clean your business for appearance. Cleanliness is one of the important workplace safety topics to discuss. 

Keeping a cluttered job site creates a risk for slips and falls. Whether you run an office, restaurant, or a construction site, keep everything in its proper place. 

While clutter creates visible hazards, unsanitary conditions lead to more insidious perils. Infectious diseases can arise from filthy work conditions. 

Such conditions draw in pests who carry and spread disease. Toxic work environments may also increase the risk of non-communicable diseases, like lung diseases or cancers. 

5. Alarm Your Building

Your workplace should contain alarms for any type of hazard. At the very least, all buildings should contain smoke alarms and CO2 detectors. 

You might also keep a panic alarm, in case your employees get robbed, so they can quickly and discreetly signal for help. Depending on your facility, you may also keep alarms that indicate a security breach. 

Sound warnings can save employee lives and improve security under many different circumstances. 

Make Workplace Safety a Top Priority 

Workplace safety should come before everything in your business, including profit. Creating a safe environment allows you the chance for generating greater revenue without the risk of losing everything. 

Are you looking to grow your safe business in different ways? Check out our consulting services! We are here to help you improve your workplace safety and employee security.

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