3 Safety Necessities For Modern Businesses

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Keeping your space safe and employee friendly is a fundamental part of any business’ working environment. Not only is it necessary by law but creating a comfortable and safe space to work also improves employee engagement and satisfaction, boosting performance and ultimately, business growth. To summarise, health and safety in the workplace can feel like a hassle but it benefits you, your employees and your business as a whole because everyone feels more relaxed within their environment. 

Health and safety is a very broad term, covering countless fine details about the workplace and what it needs to be considered appropriate. In this quick post, we are going to cover three of the most important features that employers must keep in mind when considering health and safety, ensuring a positive and secure working environment. 

3 Top Health And Safety Necessities For Businesses

Risk Assessments 

Risk assessments sit at the very centre of the health and safety realm and are utilised in all manner of situations from gauging the heat of the kettle to the grip offered by office flooring. Risk assessments are about gauging the potential danger that some aspect of the workplace environment could pose, then using this information to reduce the risk as much as possible. 

The key to conducting a risk assessment is accurate identification of what could pose a risk to employees. For an individual, a new appliance or installation may not seem like a risk but you never know whether your employees may not think in the same way as you do. The International Organization for Standardization has specific standards dedicated to risk assessments which should definitely be used as a guide for both the identification of risks and the procedures behind the risk assessment. 

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Fire Drills And Fire Safety 

Easily the most memorable health and safety essential are those regarding fires. Fire safety is commonly spoken about with emergency exits dedicated to the risk of fires in almost every commercial building; however, there’s more to fire safety than just emergency exits. Regular drills and having the correct fire safety equipment are equally important essentials. Having the right fire extinguishers for your company in key locations is especially important. To purchase premium Seton fire extinguishers for your business workplace safety, visit their company website now. This is not an area that modern businesses should be trying to cut corners and costs on. Smart safety saves lives.

Fire drills should be taken regularly and be reported on to ensure procedure and security is always ingrained in the minds of employees. They aren't always fun and often seem like a nuisance of stressful experience, but they can save lives and valuable assets as well. 

Building on this, the correct fire safety equipment should be located around the office. From wet chemical fire extinguishers for oil fires to fire blankets for chip pan emergencies, the range of fire types and the equipment needed to address them is large. Based on the risks within your office, find the right fire safety equipment and ensure it is on hand and ready at all times. 

Ergonomic Workstations 

As a final point, a commonly forgotten health and safety concern is the state of modern workstations. In today’s technological age, many employees spend hours each day sitting and working in front of a computer, unmoving and sitting up as they type. This can lead to a range of injuries if the body is continually straining itself, affecting the back, neck, wrists, fingers and much more depending on the individual. 

Investing in ergonomically designed chairs, wrist rests and furniture is essential for maintaining the health and happiness of employees. Whilst many staff members don’t realise it, the small aches and pains which they experience when straining their body can accumulate into health issues which affect work productivity and long-term health and safety. Don’t be afraid to find the right furniture for your workforce to help them stay in top condition at work. 

Strive For Health And Safety In The Workplace

These three key health and safety necessities aren’t the only points worth considering but they are definitely some of the most important. Health and safety in the workplace should be the first thing in mind for any ethical employer so do your research, find out the regulations for your location and ensure that you are keeping to them as best as possible.

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