How To Boost SaaS Product Adoption In 7 Ways

how to increase saas product adoption software use

How do you get consumers to start using your software and increase product adoption? With several software companies competing for the same customers, getting people to switch products is challenging. And in most cases, it takes months or years, depending on your marketing strategy and the time you put into it. 

The reason is that consumers are comfortable where they are and wouldn't give up the product they have used the most so easily. As a result, they are unwilling or hesitant to move away from their comfort zone. Thus, contrary to trying a new product, they choose to stay with what they have. 

So how can your SaaS business thrive? If you are wondering how to get more people to embrace your software application, this article will show you useful yet straightforward marketing tips that will increase conversions and quickly grow your SaaS business. But what is product adoption? 

Let us consider the definition of product adoption before moving further. 

What Is Product Adoption? 

Product adoption is the method of helping users to recognize your product value and become frequent users. It includes assisting consumers in identifying important product features and functionalities that will make their lives better. The more people identify with your product characteristics, the higher their chances of adopting your software and becoming regular users. 

However, keep in mind that there are five stages of product adoption: 

1. Awareness (Consumers become aware of your software) 
2. Interest (They find it exciting) \
3. Evaluation (Users examine your app) 
4. Trial (They give it a try) 
5. Conversion (Finally, they pay for it) 

Concerning SaaS startups and entrepreneurs in other digital marketing niches, a viable marketing best practice is to successfully move consumers from the first point of awareness to the final conversion stage. Having to accomplish that is product adoption. 

Why should you care about product adoption for your SaaS business? You should because after a successful walk-through from the awareness stage to the final conversion, consumers adopt your products and become frequent buyers. This marketing strategy will result in three advantages for your business: 

1. Increased customer retention 
2. Improved product engagement  
3. A regular income stream 

Furthermore, product adoption is vital because your newly acquired customers will translate into brand ambassadors who will help publicize your product to their friends. Why? Because they've entirely switched apps and are satisfied with your software. 

Thus, They will tell others about it, especially close friends and family members who will also want to try out your product. This trick will help you cut back on customer acquisition cost (CAC), reduce churn, improve customer retention and lifetime value (CLV), and present additional business growth opportunities. Those are just a few benefits of product adoption. 

7 Easy Ways How To Increase Product Adoption For Your SaaS Business 

As stated earlier, I'm showing you my top five growth hacks that will convince consumers to switch to your SaaS product and become regular buyers. Please, examine the pointers below on proficiently promoting product adoption! 

1. Advertise Your Product To Boost Adaption 

Product advertising is another efficient way to increase SaaS product adoption and sales. Why? Because ads target a particular audience, who are interested in your offer. It attracts these people to your business since they are already excited about what you’re offering. 

In other words, product advertising enables your business to thrive online because it helps more users to find your product. Your primary objective of creating a product is to sell and make profits. That is what advertising marketing will do for your business. 

With more competition in the marketplace, promoting your product or service through advertising is a fantastic way to bring in more people to your business and make them aware of your product. That is why there are more ad agencies today than in the past. 

This promotional marketing technique lets your products or services reach more of the right people. It is essential for increasing awareness, product adoption, and sales. 

2. Optimize Your App Store Page To Increase Product Adoption 

Is your software on Google Play Store, Apple Store, and other platforms? If you answered yes, then go ahead and optimize your app store pages for more visibility. By optimizing product pages, you will increase your app visibility and help more people find your online store. 

According to GoodFirms, more than 60% of app users discovered new applications by browsing app stores. 

how customers find new mobile apps

Moreover, Think With Google revealed that 50% of mobile app users figured out new apps by browsing software stores. 

smartphone user mobile application discovery statistics app store

Although the numbers defer, they have one thing in common. People find out about new software while browsing online app stores. So it makes optimizing your app store page more important now than ever. The app store optimization (ASO) strategy enables you to connect mobile app users with your product because it enhances your chances to appear on search results. 

Statistics by AppFigure indicates that over 60% of software developers used the ASO approach to increase software downloads across app stores. Hence, more people will find, interact, and download your product creation if you optimize your app store pages. 

How To Optimize Your Software Application Pages 

Follow these simple steps with experienced software engineers or web designers to optimize your product and increase downloads: 

1. Create a compelling product page 
2. Craft a result-driven product description 
3. Product an appealing product icon 
4. Study competitor pages to gain a competitive advantage 
5. Add relevant images that show useful selling points 

3. Create In-Product Tips Or Step-By-Step Guides 

Step-by-step guides are marketing content that specifies the procedures for using your product successfully. The document offers technical instructions (for how to use your software) that users can follow to accomplish their tasks. 

In other words, you're providing support through in-product or step-by-step guides to help consumers cut the learning curve. This growth hacking strategy enables current users and new prospects to improve their experience with your app quickly. 

To illustrate, when people sign up to use your product, they want to address their problems. But for the most part, they're not familiar with your app – they need help using it effectively. That is where an in-product or a step-by-step guide comes to play. 

Such marketing content offers users vital knowledge on using your software and all other essential benefits. It enables consumers to adapt to your product or service quickly. 

4. Improve Your Product Quality And The Onboarding Experience 

Improving the user onboarding experience is an ideal way to boost user experience and get more people to switch to your product. Why? Because a viable UX is an essential element of the customer journey that drives adoption and sales. And it starts with the onboarding system. According to research, an enhanced onboarding experience can increase customer retention by 75%. When users enjoy using your software app, it builds their confidence in your product and makes them repeat users. However, while the onboarding experience is crucial for increasing adoption, you also need to boost the product itself for better results. 

That's because, sometimes, the problem of low product adoption is not with the onboarding system but the quality of your offer. People want to get the worth of their money, and you can give them that by improving your product quality. Therefore, evaluate its features and update outdated components that cause low adoption and churn. 

By keeping your software up-to-date, (improving user onboarding experience and product quality), you will gain new users. But otherwise, you will lose existing customers and potential users. 

5. Cite Your App In Blog Posts 

Blogging is a sustainable digital marketing asset that helps to build brand awareness. Blog post writing also enables you to draw new readers to your blog while retaining your current readership. So using this content strategy is one of the best ways to let people know about your app. 

However, for an effective blogging and marketing campaign, create blogs about your software in the form of reviews and tell how it addresses user needs. You can also write blog posts on topics relevant to your product and mention how your app can help the reader. 

Furthermore, you can write blogs on different subjects that interconnect with your software and explain how your app can make readers' lives better. The point is to look for various ways to mention your products or services in blog posts. 

But make sure that your blog content provides details of "what your product represents and why users should consider switching products." Then, tell readers how your software will change their lives for the better. In addition, craft compelling headlines that get clicks and irresistible introductions that compels visitors to keep reading. Afterward, wrap up with a call-to-action that moves readers to try your product. 

6. Produce Product Contrasting Blog Posts 

Contrasting your product with your competitors is an effective way to get people's attention. Such content lets you point out what makes your software unique and why consumers should switch over to you. Writing this blog post requires creativity not to offend others but to help users examine two or more similar software applications. 

In this way, you're comparing your app with similar competitor programs and contrasting their capabilities with your software. Your blog post will highlight vital features, reveal their weaknesses, and show why they should choose yours. 

As a result, consumers will see convincing evidence to adopt your app. It is a compelling way to get more people to use your software product or service. 

How To Create A Product Comparison Blog Post 

To create contrasting content, choose one or more comparable products, and compare them with your app. For instance, SocialPilot compared three similar apps with their software. The content gave users a reason to consider switching to SocialPilot. 

Select a few relevant competitor products or services. Then, compare and contrast the a with yours. Have a look at the screenshot to see how SocialPilot compared and contrasted three similar software apps. 

socialpilot product comparison table

Therefore, follow this example and produce contrasting posts that convince users to start using your app. It helps increase product adoption. 

7. Leverage Influencer Marketing To Boost Product Adoption 

Influencer marketing is a remarkable way to boost your SaaS product adoption. Why? Because as the name suggests, influencers control or influence the buying behavior of their followers. And as a result, they can drive tons of web traffic to your website or the product page. 

It is an effective product marketing strategy since 77% of consumers trust other users' information when making a buying decision. Note that before an influencer endorses your product, he must have used and confirmed its effectiveness and benefits. That is why using influencer marketing to increase product adoption should be part of your marketing tactics. 

Moreover, since your primary purpose is to increase adoption for your SaaS product and boost sales, working with marketers who influence their followers is critical to your success. Did you know? Every dollar you invest in influencer marketing brings a ROIs of $6.50 on average. That is according to statistics by WebFx

Therefore, add influencer marketing to your marketing toolbox to help you boost SaaS product adoption and sales. 

Wrap Up On Profitable Product Adoption

There are several ways to increase product adoption for your SaaS business. These seven pointers are sure-fire ways that you can start using and drive results. However, ensure that the product you're offering is of high-quality. Make sure that all features are up-to-date with a user-friendly interface. 

In that way, not only will you get more people to switch products, but it enables current users to stick with you. Do you have more helpful tips on promoting product adoption for our readers? Please let us know your powerful product performance tips on social media!  

Moss Clement is an expert business writer, founder of Moss Media, and content manager at Writers Per Hour. He works closely with B2B marketers, helping small & medium-size businesses build their online presence and brand reputation by consistently delivering quality content that converts. Reach out to him if you need help with content writing!

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