5 Fun Office Ideas for New Decor

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Is your office looking drab? Why not spruce it up? You don't have to take all of the fun out of your office design just because you want a streamlined and productive space. There are plenty of fun office ideas for design and decor that you can complete regardless of your budget. 

Do you need some ideas on workplace design? We want to help. We have 5 of our favorite office decor tips here listed to give you some inspiration. 

Whether you're looking to go sleek and modern or sweet and homey, we've got you covered. Keep reading to learn more about fun office ideas and decorations. 

1. Keep Some Foliage Indoors 

When you spend so much time in your office you don't have a lot of time to spend outdoors. Why not bring the outdoors inside? 

Plants are great for the office. They provide some much-needed decoration and color to the room and they may actually improve your productivity. Pick some low-maintenance options like spider plants and succulents and you'll be well on your way to an indoor jungle. 

2. Motivational Posters 

Motivational posters get a lot of flack for being a bit "corny", but they're popular for a reason! They come in all varieties so you aren't stuck with the stereotypical options that you see at office supply stores. 

You can even get ironic posters that can give you a laugh even if they don't give you that extra boost of motivation. 

3. Get Techy 

Why not put some modern technology in your office? 

There are plenty of smart options for your office decor. There are colorful lights that are changed through apps and smart devices. There's a smart home device for all of the top popular brands so you can operate things in the office with a voice command. 

You can even make calls with some of these devices either from your home phone, your work phone, or your favorite Google voice alternatives. When you don't even have to get up to operate the tech in your home, you'll have a major productivity boost. 

4. Or Go Back In Time 

Is the high-tech office not right for you? Why not try something more vintage? 

An antique writing desk and shelves full of books really give you that old-school feeling while still providing a functional space to work. Pair them with a cushy desk chair and a reading nook in the corner and you'll have the vintage space of your dreams. 

5. Try a Floating Desk 

Do you feel like you never have enough room in your office? Your desk is too bulky and you can hardly get around! 

Make a few changes to your office space and see how much room you can clear up. When you have an office with a closet, a floating desk is the way to go. It looks modern, classy, and minimalist. You can do it without a closet, but it won't be as space-effective. 

Check out this DIY desk tutorial and give it a try for your office space. 

Which of These Fun Office Ideas Is Your Favorite? 

We love these fun office ideas for decor. Mixing up your workplace space will make you more energized and ready to work. You don't need a bland room to get your work done. Make the office space yours, personalize and optimize it. 

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