5 Tips to Find a Top Business Coach

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Owning a business is an American dream. It's what everyone wants to do, but very few can. That is because owning your own company is a delicate juggling act that can, and often will, fall to the ground - in fact, more than half do before their fifth anniversary. 

Having a proper mindset is quintessential for a successful business owner. That sounds like a crock, but it is certainly not. When things start to look bleak when chasing your dream, that dream will turn into a nightmare. 

Having a business coach in your corner is the best way to prevent nightmarish outcomes. These are the 5 tips for choosing the right coach for you. 

1. Pick a Winner 

First and foremost, you should listen to someone that knows what they're talking about. Getting guidance from someone that knows the game in-and-out is the best strategy for winning. 

Someone that has demonstrated their abilities in the business world should serve as your mentor and coach. This can mean a few things, as you'll find out. 

2. Choosing a Business Coach With Experience 

Experience is a vital asset when getting guidance. Wisdom comes from experience - isn't that what mom and pop always used to say? 

Experience doesn't necessarily mean success, however. This might seem like a contradictory oxymoron to what you've just learned. 

Not everyone can be a winner. But there's valuable insight to learn from people that didn't succeed in business. Previous business owners that have had their dreams crumble before them have invaluable insight; this often comes in the form of what not to do. 

Nothing is quite as admirable as overcoming failure. Find business coaches that have experienced it all. 

3. Find a Coach That's in the Same Field 

If you were opening a small bakery in town, would you want guidance from a shoe salesman? Probably not. 

That doesn't mean the cobbler doesn't have valuable information but finding someone who has experience in your market cannot be trumped. 

4. Make Sure Your Ideals Match 

What do you consider success? This is such a remarkable question to ask in self-reflection. More often than not, you might not even know until you evaluate. 

Now, your measure of prosperity isn't the same as everyone's. You might be fine with a livable income from your shop. But others might want a luxurious lifestyle. 

Find a coach that corresponds to your personality and your goals. Don't shoot for the stars if you don't want to. 

5. Don't Let Them Intimidate You 

Just because he or she is your coach, it doesn't make them superior. They might have experience in a subject that you lack, but you're equal to them. 

Having a respectable, equal relationship with a coach will yield the best results. Being on the same level will make open discussion vastly easier. 

Put Me In, Coach 

Owning a successful business is all about having the right mindset. And a top business coach will guide you in achieving that mentality. 

But finding a business coach is difficult. You have to find someone that is experienced, has matching ideology, has worked in your field, and is approachable. Don't let these business coaches intimidate you, just let them guide you to success. 

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