5 Office Decor Ideas To Boost Workplace Productivity

frugal cool office decor ideas boost workplace productivity

Your office space doesn't have to be dull and boring; it can be inspiring. The way you choose to decorate your office space can have a direct link to the productivity of your employees.

When it comes to redesigning your office decor, it could be time to think outside the box. If you are looking for cool office decor ideas, take a look at some of these fantastic design tips.

Put Your Mission Statement on Display

Your business' mission statement is meant to be encouraging and inspiring for your employees. So, it makes sense to have it where everyone can see it. Consider displaying your mission statement loud and proud in a communal area of the office. 

Perhaps it could be on display at the entrance of the building/office so everyone gets to read it to start their day off. 

Use Bold Colors

Forget the drab and muted blacks and greys that so many offices are draped in. Studies have shown that brighter colors encourage a more positive attitude, whereas darker colors can lower a person's mood. 

Don't be afraid to splash bright reds, yellows, and greens across the walls. Some companies have even got the local art colleges involved and let students create murals on their walls.

Incorporate Accessories

No, that doesn't mean the office stapler. It is okay to get creative with office accessories. For example, a bold, patterned rug in the waiting area. It is also been said that having plants in the office can boost productivity.

Not only do they help to circulate fresh air but it is also like having a part of nature indoors, which can encourage a positive mood. You could even allow employees to bring their own cushions to work for comfort.

Open Plan

Open-plan offices are all the rage. It encourages employees to work together as a team and complete each project together. It often helps to solve problems faster and build working relationships that benefit productivity.

Open plan doesn't have to mean there is no privacy. With the likes of TalkBox phone booths, it is easy to get the privacy you need for phone calls without having to worry about co-workers listening in.

Unique Furniture

There are so many options when it comes to office furniture. Why stick to the norm? Your furniture is another way you can stand out, especially if clients frequent the office. 

From board room tables to waiting room sofas and more, there is plenty of styles to choose from. Try and choose furniture that represents your brand and what your business is all about.

Endless Ideas for Cool Office Decor

Your office decor can make a statement about your business and send a message to your employees. With the help of cool office decor, your place of work no longer needs to look lifeless. Take a look at some more surprising tips on boosting your employee's productivity right here on our site.

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