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Nothing can ever compare to the feeling you have when you see you bring your new business idea to life. It is not as scary as you initially think. As a matter of fact, it is quite exciting. You learn new skillsets, overcome difficult challenges, and set yourself up for success. If you have your expenses covered for the first few months, you do not have to stress around money. 

As an entrepreneur, you learn how to make wise spending decisions and save money where it matters the most. If you are not able to manage your finances, you risk going down the road which leads to financial ruin. Lowering expenses is of the essence when running a company. The following tips will come in handy if you are looking to achieve or maintain profitability. 

Shut Down Unnecessary Lights, Appliances, And Machinery 

At the end of the workday, make sure to turn off the lights, appliances, and machinery. Everything needs to be “Off” when you leave the building. Actually, it would be a good idea to unplug the aforementioned items from the power receptacles because they consume a lot of energy. Computers, as well as other electronic devices, use energy even when they are in the standby mode. It is true that they consume a lower amount of electricity, but still. 

To save energy and reduce your bills, turn everything off. If you make a habit out of it, it will become second nature. Leave instructions for your employees to do the same thing. It might not even cross their minds that it is necessary to unplug the electronics. They are not the ones paying for the energy in the room, so it is not surprising that do not even think about reducing energy costs. Educate them in a subtle way. Ste an example and inspire others to follow. 

Reduce, Reuse, And Recycle 

Chances are that you are familiar with the 3 Rs of being green. Just as a reminder, the 3 Rs of sustainability are: reduce, reuse, and recycle. What you do not know is that reducing your impact on the environment can help you save valuable resources. In Norway, for instance, more and more companies adopt corporate sustainability as an important part of their business plans. Yara International ASA or Telenor ASA make considerable efforts to create long-term value through the implementation of strategies that focus on the environment. 

Start by investing in a paper recycling baler. This piece of equipment is perfect for the office setting. Waste and recycling experts from Miltek in Denmark inform us that millions of tons of carbon dioxide emissions can be avoided by recycling paper. Reduce your paper consumption. It may seem complicated, but it is far from it. 

Place bag stands in the building to make it easier to gather and store shredded office paper. When the bags are full, all you have to do is place them inside the paper recycling baler. Many suppliers arrange for the collection of paper bales and even send them off to recycling companies. In other words, they do all the hard work. 

Make Smart Marketing Decisions 

If you do not advertise, you do not exist. This is the truth. If you wish to stand out from the crowd of competitors, you have to actively promote your business. The problem is that marketing is a big expense. If you cannot afford to outsource advertising and marketing for the time being, consider promoting the company yourself. Find experts in your industry, interview them, and publish the interviews. An interview is an information product, which means that it provides value to the customer. Make sure that your audience can download the interview and take it with them on the road. 

Do not forget about content marketing. Posting on blogs and social media sites will help you enhance credibility and become an authority in the industry. If you give customers what they want – in other words, what they are actively searching for - the outcome is bound to be a positive one. It will not cost you a dime to do your own content marketing. Once you have defined your goals and researched your buyer persona, you can proceed to brainstorm ideas and write. Attention should be paid to the fact that good stories do not thrive on their own. They need a little bit of help. If your audience is more sophisticated, try LinkedIn. If not, consider Facebook and Instagram. 

Outsource Non-Core Business Functions 

Non-core business activities are the ones that do not contribute to the main revenue source of the company. They are largely considered peripheral. Examples include but are not limited to tax reporting, customer service, accounting. These are just some of the business functions that should be outsourced. It is up to you to determine which functions are essential to the company and which are of the lowest value. Just so you know, the number of processes that corporations consider of paramount importance is shrinking. 

The reason why some companies choose outsourcing is that they can receive quality at a much lower price. If you like the sound of that, do not waste any more time and start looking for freelancers. College students and even parents are looking for ways to earn an additional income and are more than happy to take on a few hours of work. If you effectively use outsourcing, you can streamline business operations and function at your best. 

Try To Cut Down On Indirect Spending 

Indirect expenses, such as rent, utilities, maintenance and repairs, can affect the bottom line. What you need to do is to find a way to lower your expenses. Think about revisiting purchase service contracts and see if it is possible to make adjustments. Challenge vendors to come with better offers. You have nothing to lose by doing so. Avoid buying top of the line electronics. At one point or another, they will become obsolete and need replacing. Second-hand electronics are well-worth considering. You will see the difference in your pockets, you can be sure of that. 

As you can see, there are many ways in which you can save your company money. Living frugal is essential to your survival. That is something to keep in mind.

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