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A relationship between a link builder and a client plays a great role in making any job successful or falling apart. It completely depends on whether both have healthy or poor communication throughout the link development campaign. 

It is very obvious that when somebody commands you like a boss and is not ready to listen to anything other than what he/she says, you cannot be able to put the same efforts as with the client who is greatly interested in your thoughts and work with you to perform a better job. 

Being a link builder, you need to consider several things right from the start that help in building a strong relationship between you and a client. 

Make Sure To Have A Fixed Reporting Turnaround Time 

Most of the link builders send monthly reports of the links they have done. Some clients are OK with it, while some need link building reports weekly or 15 days. But, some of them are so impatient that they want a link builder to inform them each time he/she builds a link. 

Therefore, it is better to first fix the reporting turnaround time in order to avoid any kind of stress after starting the campaign with a leading digital marketing agency

Make Sure Who Will Provide Anchors And Targets 

Some clients provide their anchors and targets, while some prefer link builder to perform the required research and run the campaign. If your client wants you to decide how to build links, you must specify your ways of building links or you can ask your client about a particular adjustment if necessary. 

It may happen that you have chosen the targets and your client is aware of that, but during the campaign, you might find a page for placing a link other than in the list. To handle such a situation, you must be prepared in the beginning. 

Make Out Expected Work Schedule To Avoid Extra Meetings, Phone Calls, Video Conference, Etc. 

You must have an idea about the number of meetings, phone calls, video conferencing, etc. will happen after starting the campaign. Some clients prefer to have regular contact other than the monthly communication, while some clients do not make any contact throughout the campaign. 

Sometimes, you may experience that client paying the least demands a lot of contact. So, instead of getting frustrated with such clients, it is better to make out that you will work in an expected schedule. 

Be Prepared To Handle Situations When A Client Doesn’t Like A Placed Link 

No matter how much hard work you do to get the quality and relevant link. But, it may happen that your client is not happy with the placed link. In that situation, you either prefer to remove that link or work for it without payment. 

The only thing you need to ensure that your relationship does not suffer due to any such negative issue. It would be a good idea to ask for guidelines and specific requirements in the beginning and make out if they are OK for you. 

You Must Know The Risks Involved In a Client’s Business Tactics 

Some clients never disclose to the leading digital marketing agency about the risks involved in their business tactics. If you are about to start any link building campaign, you must ask about it. Also, make sure that you are satisfied with the client’s answer. 

Sometimes, it may happen that the client himself wants to use risky tactics due to certain reasons. That time, it is your responsibility to make your client understand what could go incorrect when building backlinks for SEO. 

Make Sure To Get Better Content Ideas In Different Ways 

When you require content ideas, some clients do not think twice of introducing their link builders with their content team. You will surely love to become part of the company. You get to know what is happening in the client’s business by simply following his/her team on social platforms, by subscribing to the newsletters, and by getting alerts about their business. 

You can also ask your client directly about any big happening that could assist you in building better quality links. Never hesitate to inquire about this to your backlinks client. 

Avoid Control Issues By Turning Down A Controlling Client 

Many link builders have to face the compelling and ordering behavior of the clients. No doubt, link builders love to have their clients’ involvement. But, when a client does not know anything about SEO and links and pressurizes link builder to perform the specific activity without ignoring his/her warnings, the best option is to turn down the client to avoid the control issues. 

Always keep in mind that if your backlink client is not ready to understand anything in any way, it is better not to work together. 

Final Words On Link Building Relationships

If you really want to have a smooth relationship with your client who wants to work with a leading digital marketing agency, make sure to ask all the important things before starting the link building campaign. 

Better communication and awareness is crucial from both sides with search engine optimization services. Always be upfront and enjoy a long term partnership with your client when building backlinks.

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