How To Track The Effectiveness Of An Affiliate Program

how to track effectiveness affiliate marketing program sales analytics

Affiliate programs are usually an effective way to attract new users to a website, and they help many online gambling platforms bring in new players. However, sometimes affiliate programs don’t work as successfully as they could. 

To increase the effectiveness of an affiliate program, it is important to analyze its key performance indicators (KPIs). Slotegrator explains how to assess an affiliate program’s performance and provides a list of the most common KPIs to consider. 

● Conversion Rate (CVR)

CVR refers to the percentage of traffic from affiliates that results in sales, or in the case of online casinos, acquisition. Affiliate marketing experts believe that the conversion rate should be above 10%. 

● Click-Through Rate (CTR)

CTR is the number of clicks on promotional links or ads that were placed on affiliates’ websites. This is useful for determining which links lead to the most actions, so they can be used as models in the future. Also, it helps find links that don’t work, so they can be repaired. 

● Cost Per Click / Lead (CPC / CPL). 

CPC/CPL is the average price paid for each affiliate click or lead. This makes it easy to identify how much is being spent on acquiring new traffic and helps determine whether some marketing efforts should be reconsidered. 

● Incremental Revenue

Incremental revenue is the increase in revenue caused by the customers who are brought to the platform by affiliates. This helps operators understand the overall impact of the affiliate program on the business and measure the revenue that the casino would not receive without the use of affiliate marketing. 

● Active Affiliate Rate 

This refers to the percentage of affiliates that can be considered active - they bring actual traffic, conversions, and so on. This way, the gambling platform that established the affiliate program can see how engaged affiliates are, and how to improve the program. 

● Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) 

ROAS is a ratio that compares the amount spent on advertising to the revenue earned from it. In order to understand the ROAS, the total affiliate revenue and the cost of running an affiliate program should be considered. 

● Traffic Growth

This is a basic KPI that shows how many new users come to the platform exclusively from affiliates. 

How Do Affiliate Programs Work?

Affiliate programs are a form of collaboration between a gambling business and a website that agrees to advertise it. Online casinos sign contracts with affiliate programs, and affiliates start attracting potential players to the gambling resource. 

In order to do that, affiliates post reference links or place online casino ad banners on their websites or social networks. Then, their users click on these links and get automatically redirected to the gambling platform. 

The affiliate program pays a certain percentage of commission to the affiliate depending on the player’s actions. As a result, online casino websites receive traffic, while affiliates get rewarded if visitors start gambling. 

These are the basic KPIs used to track and measure the effectiveness of an affiliate program. By measuring these percentages, platforms hoping to attract new users will get an understanding of how to improve the affiliate program and see if it is necessary to make their website more interesting for visitors as well.

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