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differences running online vs offline casinos

There are many ways to start a site or app to make money, and even offer offline cash game options. The idea to open a gaming house is increasingly coming to mind, and you start estimating the possible options and scenarios. In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of opening and managing a land-based and online casino. Consider the features of entering the business, organization, marketing plan and the prospects of each direction. 

The Main Differences 

The successful development of a land-based casino is associated with a number of underlying factors: the geographical location of the country, its financial and political stability, statistics in the region, per capita income, tourism attractiveness, the legal status of gambling activities in neighboring states, the public attitude to gambling. All these factors influence the success of the land-based gambling house, which significantly complicates the operation process. 

The situation with online casinos is quite different. You can choose several regions where gambling is allowed and thus steadily increase the number of visitors. The most important thing is to get a license. 

The big advantage of online casinos is also absence of the land-based risks: natural disasters, civil disturbances, and air-traffic disruptions. These and many other circumstances will not affect your online business as much as it can influence the offline casino. 

The legal issue of online and offline casinos has its own specifics. 

For example, to get a license for an online casino, you need to spend an average of about 20,000 Euro, while to get a license for a land-based casino in Europe, you need about 2 million Euro. 


Land-based casino requires a serious investment in the purchase or rental of premises. Complex customer service often includes a hotel, spa, restaurant at the casino. 

Another significant expense is the purchase of gambling equipment, staff salaries: security service, cleaning service, management, qualified dealers. 

Starting and developing a successful online casino also requires spending money. However, the costs are several times lower. Online casino website requires a gambling license, platform, game content, domain name, server, online security system, technical support. 

The software provided by a seasoned developer ensures the smooth operation of a resource. This stands for the key to the success of your business. 

Target Audience 

The undeniable advantage of online casinos is the availability for users from all over the world. Well-targeted marketing, bonus system, affiliate programs attract the customers to the online gambling-resource. Many gamblers choose the online platform by its privacy. 

The situation with land-based gambling is completely different. The online gambling operator creates an appealing atmosphere of bright lights, music, "lightness of being". It is important to know how many people living in the region are potentially able to become players at the site. It is important to treat a gambler in a land-based casino as a dear guest and "one of the lads" at the same time. The trust "casino-player" relationship is built for years. The players' trust is the basis of the constant flow of gamblers. 


The marketing campaign of the business will require serious attention. When it comes to the online casino, the owner needs to execute a specific casino promotion campaign. Mostly, these are spectacular concert programs with the participation of pop stars, promotions, the bonus systems offer in the casino. As a rule, advertising campaigns of offline casinos on the Internet does not bring appreciable results. 

Conversely, the Internet has turned out to be the most effective platform for online casino promotion. The main marketing activity focuses on optimization, website promotion. Loyalty programs, affiliate programs, promotion in social networks have a significant impact on the increase in conversion rate. 


The gambling industry as a whole, both online and offline, retains its investment attractiveness. It is safe to say that the opening, management, promotion of online casinos will require less money, time and effort. 

Taking into account a rapid pace of Internet technologies development, and the annual growth of online users, serious prospects for online gambling growth are considered. 

While it is still quite complicated and risky to start an online casino. However, at the legislative level, online gambling is subject to unreasonable restrictions in many regions. 

If you think the online casino is business that is worth your investment, Slotegrator will be there for you to help to start your own gambling platform fast and easy.

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