How Gambling Has Changed From Casinos To Online

how gambling changed from casinos to online casino betting

Gambling is as old as time itself. Ok maybe not that old but it’s been around a very long time. In fact the first known casino on record was built in Venice in the year of 1638.  Since then casinos have popped up in nearly every country, with Las Vegas in Nevada being the most famous gambling spot in the world. A few decades ago, the industry showed no sign of stopping, with more and more people choosing to take up gambling as either a hobby or professionally. Yet in recent years despite gambling becoming a trillion dollar industry, we are witnessing the demise in popularity of traditional land based casinos. Now the majority of punters play casino games mostly online either on a computer or any mobile device. 

So what’s caused this shift - click to play online casino? Let’s find out more about the evolution of gambling and casinos: 

The Evolution Of Casino Gambling

The 1980s were a booming time for Casinos. Millions of people enjoyed the thrill of visiting their local gambling establishment and having the opportunity to play various games.  At this point casinos were no longer just small side street operations but many were huge buildings, complete with bars and even hotels so that punters could stay on site. The trend of people going on holiday just to gamble also became popular, with many people choosing to go hit casinos for a weekend splurge. Vegas became a hit tourist destination for millions of tourists from all over the world. 

Newer technologies made casino visits even more exciting, with an increasing amount of options to choose from. The rise of jackpot slots also helped lure new punters who traditionally would’ve never stepped foot in a casino due to a lack of interest in classic card games.  People everywhere could appreciate the fun in having a safe space to bet sensibly and win some prizes. Yet once the Internet was introduced, gambling would never be the same again. 

Playing Online Casinos 

The Internet completely revolutionised the gambling industry. It didn’t take long for online gambling to take the world by storm where millions of players began using dial up Internet to load a casino webpage and start playing. First websites were incredibly basic, with just one of two games, slow speeds and shocking graphics. However, as technology progressed, more and more people began to shun the traditional casino and go online. Now billions of people play worldwide and it’s not difficult to understand why. 

Online gambling provides players the opportunity to play their favourite casino game from wherever they want. Whether it is at home or on a train, players can instantly log in and pick the sharpest, newest games that have only recently been released.  They don’t even need to sacrifice anything in terms of quality or enjoyment and there are millions more choices available online than in a casino. There’s no worrying about finding your nearest casino or once you’re there having to exchange credits before and after. The transition of gambling from casino to online shows how drastically things can change and technologies develop. Visit casinos reviews websites to find the best casino sites for better betting!

Great Gamblers Win Big With Online Casinos

Take a minute to think about how fast gambling has progressed and it’s exciting to think of what’s in store next. Online gambling sites are the future for gamblers around the world!

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