The Fun Of Creating Custom Accessory

value customized products vs generic mass-product product


There is a long history of humans living on this planet, carrying out their day to day tasks before the advancements in technology and the internet. During those times, people didn’t use to get product recommendations based on their purchase history. There were no Netflix and Spotify to tell you what movies or music they have picked for you that you’d be interested in. 

Until very recently, people only had the option of watching their favorite shows only on TV. They used to tune-in at a specific time, and most of them scheduled their tasks around that. 

Those were dark times. But we are entering a new era of expectations and demands, and there are many studies arguing that people prefer customized products and consider them more valuable. 

We want to be unique. We don’t want the same hairstyle or coffee mug the other person has, and as a result, consumers are becoming critics, dictating what, where, how, and when they want. The need for instant gratification has made us want everything as soon as possible, customized, and one of a kind, be it custom jewelry, customized pillow covers, or custom water bottles

Product customization also offers the customer a chance to be a part of the process of creation. Customers can express and incorporate their preferences with the product they help design quite easily than a mass-produced one. 

Marketplace, be it physical or virtual, are getting noisier and messier, and that makes it a challenge for customers and retailers alike. In this chaos of mass-produced products and identical retails, the option to customize products have become a popular choice for both customer and businesses. 

Customization is a way for consumers to form a connection with the product or brand, and the retailers enjoy growing customer loyalty and satisfaction. People often agree to pay more in order to receive a personalized product or service. 

With the advances in internet and technology, the mushroom growth of social media sites, and user-friendly mobile devices have provided consumers with more platforms to express their expectations and demands. 

Why People Prefer Customized Products 

It is worth more because it’s not about the product; it is about the emotions related to it. And these feelings and emotions are beyond the mere task of purchasing. There are two key factors why we prefer customized products, design for control and information overload. 

Desire For Control 

With customization, you are getting something tailored to you, not just something that everyone else is getting. And that is why it makes you feel more in control. People who believe that they are in control of all the important decisions and life outcomes tend to be healthier and more successful than those who are not in control of their life. 

Information Overload 

The online market is no less of a hustle than their physical counterpart. As human beings, we are more inclined to engage with information we find relevant and interesting and tend to discard what we consider irrelevant. 

Which is why the other reason we prefer customized products is that they help lessen the information overload we are presented within online stores. 

Since we know what we want, it helps us sort things out. Also, with customization, one is ideally presented with exactly the things one is looking for based on their purchase history. 

More Valuable 

Customized products are worth more than the generic one because they are not just material goods; there are an emotion and a thought attached to it, which increases its value. Whether you are giving someone a gift or pampering yourself. 


Customized products carry the value of the time and effort that was put in them, be it a gift or a personal purchase. 


We have all heard that saying “it’s the thought that counts.” A customized gift, no matter what the price tag says, shows more thought on the part of the giver. Since they didn’t just choose it, they also customized it as they saw fit for the receiver. Which is definitely more thoughtful. 

Human Connection 

Such gifts help people to preserve the memory of their relationship. It can be a joke that only the giver and the receiver understand or it can be a reminder of two people meeting for the first time. It can be any number of things that help you preserve the relationship between you and the people you love. 

Customized Products 

It is both more fun and satisfying to buy something, exactly how you want it. With advancements in software and design, product customization is very easily available to the common people. Now the buyer can personalize the color, design, functions, and add-on features of a product from the comfort of their home. This way, the tailor-made product is likeable and unique. 

We have listed down some examples of customization for you to get an idea of how fun, convenient, and developed it is. 


From mobile covers to mouse mats, umbrellas to stationary, and coffee mugs to puzzles and games, there is hardly anything that you cannot get customized. Get a message or a quote printed on them, or simply a name. It gives the product a more personal touch, 

Jewelry And Fashion 

Most jewelers let you adjust the color of the stones or the size of the bracelet, but the internet is taking jewelry customization to a whole different level. 

Customized name necklaces and birthstone rings, BFF bracelets and customized rings, all these creative and tailor- made products are just a few clicks away, 

Clothes And Shoes 

Yes, now you can design your very own clothes and shoes online. 

Of course, you can go down to the market and get a ready-to-wear dress or shirt or even get something stitched. But, some online companies now let you select your thread, fit, style, and extras like linings and buttons. Everything from design to collar to length will be of your choice. 

Same is the case with shoes. You can select the fabric, heel size, clasps, and colors and check out. The best part is that it lets you fill in the color in each section of your new shoes so that you have a greater range to choose from. 


These luxuries were not available even a couple of decades ago. Our generation is more willing to communicate, work, and shop online. And they find increased value and fun in customized products. 

Customization is like someone giving you the t-shirt signed by your favorite guitarist to you. All other t-shirts, no matter how brilliantly designed, fails as compared to that. 

Though there still are many areas left where there is no customization available. But, ten years ago, did you think that you would be able to design your shoes and jewelry online? Neither did we. Who knows what amazing inventions await us in the future.

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