10 Criteria For Choosing Dining Room Furniture

choosing right dining room furniture

How much to spend, what table to buy, where and what to sit on. What else should one not forget to take into account before purchasing a dining room set? Our team has gathered a list of things to think about before going to a store or shopping online in a quest for finding the one and only dining set furniture for your most popular room in the house. Let’s begin below! 

This factor is often underestimated, especially when buying dining room furniture after a renovation. The cost of furnishing can be the same or even more than what was spent on renovations. Therefore, it is better to approach the process of setting up the interior of the dining room in a comprehensive manner and make an estimate in advance, taking into account the brands and models you like, or be ready to buy furniture on credit, with a delay, etc. 

2. Features Of The Interior Design 

People often forget about the correspondence between the type of decor of furniture and of the walls, ceiling and floor. If the walls are decorated with polychrome frescoes, you should not select furniture covered in paintings, or strive for the color unity of furnishings with the parquet. 

3. The Number Of Family Members And Usual Guests 

For young families, a table for four is suitable. Another thing is a large hospitable family. The second situation implies estimations of the size of the room, selecting a transforming table that can double its size and much more. The same applies to chairs: each person will need a comfortable place to sit. If your dining room is of modest dimensions, you’ll have to think about purchasing models that can easily be stored away when not needed 

4. Room Dimensions

According to the observation of interior designers, ordinary buyers determine the size of models "by eye", while overestimating the size of their premises and underestimating the volume of things. As a result, one can get a dining room tightly packed with furniture, the inconvenience of sitting at the table with the inability to change position, disappointment that not everyone had enough space at the festive table and so on. Therefore, when going to the store, take a tape measure and carefully write down all the dimensions of your room (and the existing furniture). 

5. Ergonomics

This detail concerns primarily the chairs. Do not rush to purchase beautiful models with an unusual shape, first think about how comfortable would it be to sit on them. We advise you choose chairs with high, flowing backs and padded seats. When choosing a table, pay attention to the location of the supports: it is important that they do not interfere with the comfortable position of your feet. 

6. Materials 

Furniture made of wood, especially with a natural texture, always looks more classy and visually “denser”. It fills the space, and therefore is suitable for spacious dining rooms. Small dining rooms, on the other hand, require furniture on metal frames, with glass inserts, glossy facades, light silhouettes. Sometimes, materials combinations can become the ideal designer solution: in a small dining room, one can fit a fairly large table on a forged frame and with a transparent glass top and some chairs made of transparent plastic. 

Remember that the dining room is a place for communication and celebrations, so its interior should not only be comfortable but also look classy and stylish. Fortunately, the modern stores are a place where you can not only choose from a range of great colors of the upholstery but also find the type of wood, tone, and lacquered facades you’ll be able to harmoniously fit into your dining space. Calculate the color scheme in advance: if you are going to decorate the walls of the dining room with painted plates brought from travel, the furniture should not be too bright and colored. A snow-white interior would be complemented by a table with colored marble details or dark massive wood. 

8. Lighting

A dining room with insufficient daylight requires light furniture, preferably with reflecting surfaces (varnish, gloss, glass). When choosing furniture, try to acquire the one that would perfectly fit the position just below the central light source. 

9. The Unity Of The Ensemble

The priority should remain with the dining set, the rest of the furniture - a cupboard, a chest of drawers for table linen, wall consoles, showcases for dish sets are to be selected taking into account the dining set style and dimensions. It is important that the pieces of furniture match each other in color, finish and style. 

10. Find The Store That Fits Your Tastes And Wallet

Last but not least, when figuring out what exactly is that you need for your dining room, there comes the time when you enter the quest of finding that exact place where you’ll meet your dream set. NY Furniture Outlets is the place where our specialists gathered the best selection of outlet furniture, waiting for you to fall in love with! Visit us right away and have the best shopping experience!

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