Business Model Changes

business model changes

2020 has been an usual year for many. The global pandemic has come in and changed the way that consumers typically behave. During this time of dramatic change, some businesses have simply not been able to adapt their business model accordingly and have as a result closed their doors and ceased operation. While this fact is incredibly sad, there is another side of the story. There are businesses that have shown incredible tenacity, will and agility. Being able to quickly adapt current business operations and models has helped several business stay afloat. In this article, we will examine a handful of industries or specific companies that are surviving this time. 

Chick-fil-A (Drive Through Food) 

Chick-fil-A, is an impressive operation from a number of standpoints. The company strives for next-level customer service simply by training the way they train their employees to say things like, “my pleasure” and other simple gestures of that nature. Their adaptation to the pandemic histeria has likewise been impressive. Chick-fil-A in many of their locations has opened up 4 lane drive throughs. In many areas the restaurant lobbies are completely closed. They have staff members outside with tablets taking orders from quite the distance from the location. Closer to the locations they have employees running the food out to the vehicles. While many restaurants have struggled, Chick-fil-A has really adapted. 

Online Conferences 

Hundreds to thousands of conferences, trade shows and other types of large meetings cancelled across the entire world. Some of the shows found ways to change to adapt to the current circumstances and moved to an entirely online format. An event company in Idaho Falls, Idaho AndX Entertainment had the capability of doing online or virtual events for years. They had occasionally done so in the past. However, as things closed down, the company quickly dusted off the product offering and has since helped several conferences happen via Zoom and other video conferencing systems. 

TL Trade Show Displays (Hand Sanitizer Stations) 

TL Trade Show Displays has been producing beautiful, custom trade show booths for large brands like DJI, Tesla, Living Spaces and several others for years. They have been named to Inc 5000’s fastest growing companies in America multiple times. 

However, with the shutting down of the trade shows, the company needed to change and do so quickly. They have started fabricating, manufacturing customizable hand sanitizer stations for businesses. TL Trade Show Displays had the right people still on their team. They had skilled designers, experienced manufacturers, talented branding experts and world-class customer support representatives. They are able to offer great branded products for companies. The company continues to sell trade show booths and other conference materials, however, the hand sanitizer stations are a wonderful new product line to appeal to a different audience. 

The closing of many businesses across the nation and the world is tragic. However, we will be left with smarter, more adaptable, and more agile businesses afterwards. If there is a lesson that business owners can learn from all of this it is be willing and be able to pivot your business as you need to.

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